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J. Warren Perry Award

J. Warren Perry Award Plaque



The winners of the Journal of Allied Health’s 2016 J. Warren Perry Award are:

Tracy J. Farnsworth

Teri Peterson

Karen Neill

Mark Neill

John A. (Tony) Seikel

Jonathan Lawson

Their manuscript is entitled, “Understanding the Structural, Human Resource, Political, and Symbolic Dimensions of Implementing and Sustaining    Interprofessional Education.” It appeared in the Fall 2015 issue. The award was presented during the Awards Dinner on October 19 at the ASAHP Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.

The late J. Warren Perry was a founding member of ASAHP, became the Association’s 2nd President, and was the founder of the Journal of Allied Health. The selection of this year’s winning manuscript resulted from rankings developed by members of the Journal’s Editorial Board, who did not know who else was involved in producing scores. They each reviewed the top five articles that emerged, based on scores by reviewers on nine different criteria that are used during the pre-publication assessment process.

Fall 2016