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Idaho State University

Emergency Management Minor Option

Emergency Management Department Offers Exciting Minor Option

The Emergency Services Department, in the School of Health Professions is now offering a new Minor in Emergency Management (EMGT). This minor offers students the opportunity to learn about emergency management and the basis in which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and manage disasters, thus adding a practical application to their resumes. The EMGT program provides an excellent blend of management study and practical incident response, making it an outstanding option as a minor. Students seeking this minor must complete EMGT 1121, Principles of Emergency Management, plus nine other credits from the A.S. or B.S. Emergency Management core courses and six more credits from among the Emergency Management degree electives, for a total of eighteen credits. Nine of the eighteen credits must be upper division.

Emergency Management as a minor can help students develop problem solving and leadership skills and provide a broad base of education that is applicable towards many career paths. The completion of the course provides a gateway towards challenging careers such as preparedness specialists in hospitals, colleges and universities and community relief organizations, as well as in corporate risk management, and city, county, state and federal disaster response teams. This minor will help students gain an essential understanding of the basics of and the interdisciplinary nature of the emergency management discipline. It also affords students the opportunity to practice critical thinking and decision making in addition to consideration of the planning and preparation aspects of incident management. The overall objective of the EMGT minor is to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of emergency management terminology and all phases of emergency management including preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. A minor in Emergency Management can also provide an additional edge in the competitive job market.

Spring Semester 2016