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Idaho State University

LS Skaggs Biomedical Research Symposium

The Idaho State University College of Pharmacy hosted the 5th biennial LS Skaggs Biomedical Research Symposium on August 4 and 5 at their Pocatello campus. The symposium is hosted in turn by each of the seven institutions supported by the ALSAM Foundation; Idaho State University, University of Arizona, University of California San Diego, University of Colorado Denver, University of Montana, University of Utah and the Scripps Research Institute. The symposium features the work of Skaggs Scholars, a grant program to support collaboration among researchers at one or more of the Skaggs institutions.

The theme for this year’s conference was Advancing Global Health through the Science and Practice of Pharmacy. Dr. Kevin J. Whaley, CEO of Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Inc., and Idaho State University alumnus in Health Sciences, was the keynote speaker. Whaley co-founded Mapp to develop antibody-based technologies that prevent and treat infectious diseases, and are accessible to large, cost-sensitive, global health markets.  He has worked for the last 30 years on the development of multipurpose prevention technologies that are contraceptive and block sexual transmission of pathogens. ZMapp (Ebola treatment) and MB66 (HSV/HIV prevention) are two Mapp multi-antibody products that are currently in clinical trials.

The first day also saw podium and poster presentations from faculty and students from affiliate institutions before wrapping up with a dinner at Meridell Park Event Center and performances from two cowboy poets. Breakout sessions and additional podium presentations took place on the final day before the symposium came to a close with lunch at Portneuf Valley Brewing.

This symposium is just one of the several ways the ALSAM Foundation and the LS Skaggs family support health research and education. The ISU College of Pharmacy is grateful for their commitment to improving the lives of people in Idaho and around the world.


Written by: Jake Dixon