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ISU Interprofessional Research Team to be Recognized in National Publication

Written by: Scarlett Smith

POCATELLO - One interprofessional team of faculty members at Idaho State University is being recognized for their research just as much as for how they were able to collaborate together. The ISU Reciprocity Team’s research on the unique relationships parents have with their infants will be published in the Journal of Allied Health’s June edition.

“By looking at the exchange between infants and caregivers across many domains, we will be able to get a more complete picture of how development occurs,” said Heather Ramsdell-Hudock, speech pathology and audiology associate professor. “This is important for identifying children who may be at risk for communication disorders, so that we can get them into early intervention services at optimal times for progress to be made.”

The Reciprocity Team (pictured) consists of professionals in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, clinical psychology and experimental psychology. Bringing researchers from various backgrounds usually presents many obstacles, but not in this case. Director of ISU’s Master of Occupational Therapy Program, Bryan Gee, says the secret to their success is understanding and setting defined roles for each researcher.

“The interesting aspect of our research collaboration is that there are no difficulties when working with fellow professions or professionals. There is no bias towards one person, no egos, it’s truly collaborative and giving.” said Gee. “For example, Dr. Nicki Abuchon-Endsley identified herself as a junior researcher though was clearly the expert with the grant proposals, statistical analysis, organizing and maintaining cohesion of the team.”

In addition to the implications their research will have, the team hopes their experience will help other researchers cooperate more effectively.

“To have our process, outcomes and recommendations accepted by a journal that focuses on interprofessional issues in health care is very rewarding.” said Gee. “Clearly it's a focus of most health professions, but what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time with the diverse professions, faculty and roles is unique.”

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