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Geotechnology Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Geotechnology is offered to those who wish to become proficient in the collection, management, and analysis of spatial data. The courses; Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Remote Sensing— are used to teach the theory and application of Geotechnology. You may pursue the Geotech Certificate independently or in conjunction with another ISU degree.

The goals of the Geotech Certificate are to learn the needs of the geotechnical workforce and future directions of geotechnological applications, as well as how to incorporate GIS into research, education, and industry. You will learn techniques in GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, and related skills to successfully compete for industrial and academic positions.

Please contact Geotechnology Program Coordinator Carrie Bottenberg for more information
Department of Geosciences Graduate Student Handbook
Geosciences Graduate Catalog 
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Classified admission is necessary to complete the Geotech Certificate, and recommendation by a graduate faculty of the Geosciences Department in accordance with standards set by the Graduate School. Certificate students may waive the GRE* if they meet the other minimum requirements. You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school and meet the Graduate School admission requirements. The "Major code" for the Graduate Certificate in Geotechnologies is 1922.

Research Assistantships (RA) in GISci are quite competitive. Prepare for an interview (in person or via telephone) if you are interested in one. If you have been selected for an RA, you will be sent an RA award letter. Read it carefully, and if you would like to accept the offer, sign and return it on or before the due date.Alternatively, you may wish to apply for an RA with a faculty member in another department. You can then pursue the certificate in conjunction with your thesis research. The geotechnologies will then become your emphasis area or research tool.

In addition, applicants who wish to apply for a Graduate Assistantship (GA) should submit to the Geosciences Department a GA request form, 3 letters of recommendation, and a statement of goals for graduate study. In your final semester submit your "Program of Study" and apply for graduation with the graduate school.

Course Requirements

You need to complete 14 credits of required course work and 5 credits of elective course work (choices listed below). Meet with an advisor to plan your "Program of Study" as soon as possible.

*High TOEFL can be substituted for poor verbal GRE for international students.

For more information on this programs course requirements, go to Geosciences Graduate Catalog and scroll down to Post-Baccalaureate GeoTechnology Certificate