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Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS)

Check out Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS) to see scholarships that are offered!


Here's what we offer in scholarships at ISU. Need more resources we are here to help! As a First-Gen it can be confusing and unsure where to start looking. We will help and provide to you some scholarships you can apply to. 


Make sure to look at deadlines, requirements, and if need help to look over essays let us know! 


  • Make sure to also check out other scholarships. Check external scholarships in BOSS or other. 
  • Also check out in your program and department to see if any scholarships are available. 
  • Make sure to apply to the Idaho Resident Board of Education  
  • If part of TRIO make sure to check emails for any opportunities of applying for scholarships
  • Don't be afraid to reach out to your advisor, First-Gen club, and TRIO for more information.