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Paramedic Science FAQ's

1)  Why do I have to apply twice, once to ISU and, second, to the Paramedic Science program? 

All students applying to the Paramedic Science program must already be accepted to ISU as a student. We cannot consider anyone until they have been accepted to ISU. However, acceptance to ISU as a student does not guarantee acceptance into the Paramedic Science program. Paramedic Science is a selective program which means that only qualified students will be accepted into the program.

2)  Do I have to complete all of the general education courses before I can begin the Paramedic Science curriculum?

No. You must complete the general education requirements in order to be awarded your Associate of Science degree. You may do this either before or after the four semesters of Paramedic Science courses. You may still complete the Academic Certificate without the general education courses. 

If you already have an associate or a bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited institution of higher education your degree automatically fulfills the general education requirements at ISU.

3)  What are the pre-requisites I must complete before I can begin the Paramedic Science courses?

The professional pre-requisites you are required to complete before beginning the paramedic science program are:

  • National or state EMT certification
  • Current in Health Care Provider CPR card (AHA or American Red Cross)
  • One semester in Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (or equivalent) with lab, 4 credits total completed within the last five (5) years
  • One semester of Medical Terminology, 2 credits completed within the last five (5) years

You do not have to have completed all of these pre-professional requirements in order to apply to the program or to be interviewed. Many, perhaps most, of our students do not complete the pre-professional requirements until shortly before the program begins each fall. At the time of your interview we ask that you provide us with your plan to complete all of the requirements before the fall semester begins. Students in this situation are accepted to the program contingent upon their completion of the requirements before the fall semester begins.

4)  Can I take my general education courses and the Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology courses at ISU?

Yes, but they are only offered in Pocatello. None of these courses are taught at the Meridian campus because there are two other state-sponsored institutions in the Treasure Valley that already offer all of these courses: Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho. Most of the students in the Paramedic Science program take their professional pre-requisites at one of these two institutions.

5)  How can I make sure that the courses I take at another institution are the correct courses to complete the ISU general education requirements?

Krystal Scott Lyman, Program Coordinator for Emergency Services, is the person who can review your transcripts and help you identify the correct courses to meet the general education requirements at ISU. All courses from transfer schools will be evaluated through offical transcripts via the ISU Registrar's Office. 

An alternative approach, is to complete ALL of the general education requirements at either BSU or CWI (or any other Idaho public institution of higher education) and have that college or university declare, on your transcript, that you are "core certified". ISU can accept core certification from any other Idaho state college or university as fulfilling the ISU general education requirements.

6)  How much will the program cost?

Please see our cost or attendance page: Paramedic Science Cost of Attendance 2022-2023

7)  What is the class schedule for the Paramedic Science program?

ISU's Paramedic Science program begins once each year at the beginning of the fall semester (usually the last week of August). This is a cohort program which means that a group of students go through the classes and the program together for the four semesters of paramedic science. One cannot enter at any other time of the year.

Classes are held from 8AM to 5PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the first fall and spring semesters. The summer semester is part-time with two courses taught on Wednesdays from 8AM to 5PM each week as well as the Paramedic Clinical Practicum in which students will sign up for various clinical rotation assignments. The second fall semester, the final semester of paramedic science, is the Paramedic Field Practicum. This is the internship with a local EMS agency in which students spend 48 hours a week working in the field for a total of ten weeks.

8)  How and where can I obtain my EMT or CPR certification?

Various agencies and educational institutions offer EMT or CPR training and certification. All certified courses are listed on the Idaho EMS Bureau's website. 

9)  How do I apply for federal financial aid?

Apply for federal financial aid by submitting an application on the FAFSA website ( Be sure to list Idaho State University as the institution you will be attending.

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