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MS/DI - How to Apply

Applicants must apply through both the DICAS match and the ISU graduate school.

The ISU MS/DI program has eight seats in Pocatello, two seats in Twin Falls, and eight seats in Meridian.  We participate in the spring match and the Twin Falls seats are included with Pocatello in D&D Digital for a total of 10 seats available.  Meridian's eight seats are matched separately in D&D Digital.  Applicants can apply to Pocatello/Twin Falls only, Meridian only, or both.

The Graduate School application is separate from the DICAS application and an offer of admission into the Graduate School does not indicate a guaranteed match to the internship.   Matched students will indicate acceptance of admission to the graduate program after match day in April.

New students are admitted to the MS/Dietetic Internship
during the fall semester

Admission Requirements

 Program eligibility and admission requirements must be met prior to beginning the MS/Dietetic Internship:

  • A minimum of a Baccalaureate degree in nutrition/dietetics or related field from an U.S. regionally accredited university or college or foreign equivalent as determined by a recognized credentialing agency.
  • A Verification Statement/Declaration of Intent from an ACEND® accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics.
  • A minimum of a DPD 3.0 GPA.
  • Dietetics work and/or volunteer experience.  Work experience is not mandatory, however, it significantly strengthens your application.

6-Step Application Process

Candidates should submit all application materials no later than February 15th for admission the following fall semester. Candidates may apply for the Pocatello campus, Meridian campus, or both. 

Step 1: Check to Confirm You Meet the Admission Requirements

Step 2: Set up Accounts with DICAS and D&D Digital

Step 3: Complete and Submit the DICAS Application

Step 4:  Complete ISU MS/DI Graduate Application

Step 5: Participate in MS/DI Interviews

Step 6: Accept or Reject the DI Match

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