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Student learns dental repair techniques
Normal application for admission to the IAGD program is submitted to the centralized PASS application service. The program number is 157. Once complete, your application will be reviewed by the IAGD Admission Committee. Preference is given to applicants who present the most highly qualified admissions profiles. Applications to PASS can be obtained by clicking: American Dental Education Association.

For the 2009 entering IAGD class there were 31 applications submitted, 31 of which were completed, considered and most were interviewed. There were 8 acceptances issued, all 8 students entered the IAGD program this July.

For each of the 31 completed applications an admission profile was developed. The profile is based upon academic and non-academic factors. The ratio of weighting is 85% academic and 15% non-academic factors. 

Academic Factors include:

  • Grade Point Average (cumulative, science, and non-science)
  • Credit Hours (class standing)
  • Credit Hour Distribution (100/200/300/400/400+)

IAGD Residency Manual (11/2023)

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