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Program Objectives:

This program will provide students with the skills and knowledge to perform a variety of beauty services that cover all phases of the beauty culture such as manicuring, shampooing, hair styling, make-up application, temporary and permanent hair waving, hair straightening, bleaching and tinting, and various skin and scalp treatments.  Graduate cosmetologists will also have strong human relations skills and the ability to communicate with people.

Student Learning Outcomes – Nail Technology:

  1. Explore history and career opportunities
  2. Demonstrate proper application of life skills relevant to the career field
  3. Develop a professional image
  4. Demonstrate skills related to communicating for success
  5. Explore infection control principles and practices
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of general anatomy and physiology
  7. Identify principles related to skin structure, growth, and nutrition
  8. Identify nail structure, disorders, and diseases
  9. Explore basics of chemistry
  10. Discuss nail product chemistry
  11. Demonstrate an awareness of the basics of electricity
  12. Demonstrate skills related to manicuring
  13. Demonstrate skills related to pedicuring
  14. Demonstrate skills related to electric filing
  15. Demonstrate skills related to nail tips and wraps
  16. Demonstrate skills related to monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancements
  17. Demonstrate skills related to UV and LED gels
  18. Demonstrate skills related to nail art
  19. Demonstrate an understanding of business principles in the nail tech industry

Student Learning Outcomes – Cosmetology:

  1. Identify and utilize safety procedures and proper tool usage
  2. Demonstrate professional demeanor and behavior
  3. Assess hair and scalp care
  4. Identify principles of hair design
  5. Apply basic principles of haircutting
  6. Identify and deliver chemical services
  7. Identify and deliver chemical texture services
  8. Demonstrate and apply basic manicuring techniques
  9. Prepare for professional licensure and employment
  10. Prepare for business ownership and employment