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Casie Hofman-Jensen, •	ISU College of Technology Cosmetology Coordinator

Casie Hofman-Jensen

Coordinator- Cosmetology Instructor

(208) 282-2881

Professional Work Experience

  • ISU College of Technology Cosmetology Coordinator
  • Licensed Instructor
  • 16th Avenue Salon/Owner & Operator 14 years


  • ISU College of Technology Cosmetology Program Graduate
  • Yearly Continuing Education Credits

Carrier Highlights

  • Coordinator/ Cosmetology Program ISU College of Technology
  • Mentor & Educator for high school & college Students
  • Key note Speaker for college and high school students
  • Member of Community Out Reach Board

One of my favorite professional experiences

 I was asked by the Music & Drama dept. at ISU to take one of their leading ladies in the production of, Guys & Dolls, from a dark brown to a platinum blonde.  We had 3 days to accomplish the process.  It looks 16 hours over a two-day period.  We worked her appointments in between her rehearsal schedule and school schedule.  We were in the salon at odd hours, morning, noon & night, in order to complete this transformation.  It was beautiful in the salon and even more beautiful on the stage. Sometimes you just have an end result that takes your own breath away.  This was one of mine. 


Phoebe Greene

Phoebe Greene

Cosmetology Instructor


Professional Work Experience

  • Working in the industry for over 35 years
  • Salon owner for 23 years
  • Taught Cosmetology for 15 years +

Career Highlights

  • Opening a salon of my own
  • Teaching hundreds of great students
  • Attending National Cosmetology training events

One of my favorite professional experiences:

One of my favorite memories is when I ran the recruiting program for a previous employer. I had the opportunity to visit many high schools in Idaho. I watched students choose to attend Cosmetology and then observed their transformation into happy productive professionals. I find a great deal of satisfaction in being a small part in who they have become. Cosmetology has so many opportunities to change a person’s life and nothing is greater than assisting in that transformation.


Heather Harris working with a client

Heather Harris

Cosmetology Instructor

(208) 282-2619


Licensed Cosmetology Instructor

Idaho State University College of Technology

ISU Cosmetology Program 2003-2004

Cosmetologist at Salon H Davis, Idaho Falls, ID

Professional Work Experience

Working in the industry for over 14 years

Salon experience for over 14 years

Instructing experience for over 10 years

Career Highlights

Teaching hundreds of students in skin, makeup, and all aspects of hair

Attending Cosmetology education all over the US with Redken Symposium, Kris Sorbe, Sam Villa, Behind the Chair, etc.

Advising ISU’s student Shear Design Club

One of my favorite professional experiences:

I have loved being able to work in the salon with an instructor’s license, which allows me to have students come in and shadow me and see how the salon life really works.  Having clients in my chair and watching the student connect in a new way is amazing!  They get a chance to see how passionate the stylists are in the salon and how we all work as a team.  It’s never a one man show at the salon I am at.  We are very team-oriented and love being a part of all that goes on there.  We teach each other and help where needed.  This is so important for students to see early in their career and I love having the opportunity to help them.   


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209
(208) 282-4636

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