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Civil Engineering Technology

Darren Leavitt, Coordinator / Instructor Civil Engineering Technology

Darren Leavitt

Coordinator / Clinical Instructor

(208) 282-4215


Professional Work Experience

Professional Land Surveyor-Idaho – 25 years

Owner/President Land Surveying business – 15 years

Owner/President 3D scanning business – 10 years

Instructor, Civil Engineering Technology Program – 8 years

Career Highlights

Worked for a company in Northern Virginia and researched deeds written by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

Teaching and instructing students

One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

We were contracted to do a 3D scanning job in Belgium for a large equipment manufacturer.  There had been an ongoing problem with what was expected to be a flaw in a weld on a particular piece of equipment.  Once the data from our scan was analyzed and superimposed with the design model, it was determined that the problem was not in the weld at all but in the manufacturing of the actual steel.  The resolution was primarily due to the data from the scan. It was a huge success and we were able to resolve the situation in a very short period of time to the great surprise of our global client.

This was a very complex project due to its location.  The 3D scanning at the time was very much cutting edge and I was one of a very few in the country that had this capability.

Jack Liimakka Clinical Instructor Civil Engineering Technology

Jack Liimakka

Clinical Instructor

Phone: 2305


John, also known as Jack, is a professional engineer with a MS degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration on structures from Michigan Technological University (MTU). He also earned a BS degree  in Civil Engineering with a construction option and a BS degree in Land Surveying from MTU.

John is currently employed as an instructor for the Civil Engineering Technology Program here at ISU. His courses of instruction include: Materials Testing, Materials Theory, Plan Reading, Public Works, Civil and Geomatics Engineering Technology, Beginning Surveying, Intermediate Surveying, Construction Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Statics and Strength of Materials, Structural Design and Applied Mathematics.

Previous to being at ISU John was a college instructor teaching engineering and surveying courses at a community college in the state of Maine. In addition to his teaching experience John has also practiced as a professional in his field doing both engineering and surveying work for consulting firms and government agencies including foreign experience. 

Jeannie Vahsholtz-Liimakka

Jeannie Vahsholtz-Liimakka

Clinical Assistant Professor

(208) 670-0987


Professional Work Experience

  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Surveying & Geomatics/Civil Engineering Technology – Current Position
  • District Land Surveyor for Idaho Transportation Dept. for 9+ years
  • Second Year Instructor for Civil Engineering Technology/Geomatics 8 years
  • 35+ years’ work experience

Career Highlights

  • Master of Science in Engineering Technology University of Maine 2023
  • President of the Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors
  • Bachelors in Geomatics Idaho State University College of Technology 2010 
  • Idaho Professional Surveyor’s License 2008
  • Associate of Applied Science Civil Engineering Technology Idaho State University College of Technology 1987

Favorite Professional Experience

My favorite professional experience was surveying in Butte County for Lutheran Camp Pekins, and walking the boundary with the Director of the Camp and the USFS representative. The survey was for a 99-year lease, and the Camp was in need of a larger boundary area. I set pins, sealed a legal description, and filed a record of survey, up near Red Fish Lake. My sister and my daughter both helped me with that boundary survey. I re-traced GLO Brass Caps set in 1918 as part of the section work.

A little about me…

My husband is also a surveyor and Associate Professor of the Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology. I have three sons, a step-son and a daughter. My husband and I have six grandchildren which are such a joy! Camping and the great outdoors in Idaho is one of my favorite things to do. I love to travel, especially to see the grandkids. Recently I traveled to Minnesota to a Women Surveyor’s Summit. The first ever Women Surveyor’s Summit I attended in August 2019 in Austin Texas. My favorite animal is a dog, and I have always had one. My old girl is getting up there in age, she’s almost 12, her name is Sandstone Rue (Rue for short). I had the honor Spring of 2023 to pin anchors on my second son’s collar, he advanced to Chief in the USCG