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Idaho State University
Darren Leavitt, Coordinator / Instructor Civil Engineering Technology

Darren Leavitt

Coordinator / Instructor

(208) 282-4215

Professional Work Experience

Professional Land Surveyor-Idaho – 25 years

Owner/President Land Surveying business – 15 years

Owner/President 3D scanning business – 10 years

Instructor, Civil Engineering Technology Program – 8 years

Career Highlights

Worked for a company in Northern Virginia and researched deeds written by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

Teaching and instructing students

One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

We were contracted to do a 3D scanning job in Belgium for a large equipment manufacturer.  There had been an ongoing problem with what was expected to be a flaw in a weld on a particular piece of equipment.  Once the data from our scan was analyzed and superimposed with the design model, it was determined that the problem was not in the weld at all but in the manufacturing of the actual steel.  The resolution was primarily due to the data from the scan. It was a huge success and we were able to resolve the situation in a very short period of time to the great surprise of our global client.

This was a very complex project due to its location.  The 3D scanning at the time was very much cutting edge and I was one of a very few in the country that had this capability.