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Computer Aided Design Drafting Technology

Outcome Statistics

Program Objectives:

  1. The Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD) program at the Idaho State University College of Technology will address the interests and requirements of both current and potential participants in career opportunities within engineering and architectural firms, machinery manufacturers, structural steel fabricators, and construction companies.
  2. The program will provide skills, knowledge, and training in current Computer Aided Design Drafting Technology theory utilizing various software programs to produce high-precision graphics required by architecture, engineering, construction, and other industries. Such industries use these graphics to manufacture goods and machinery and assemble structures, both for end consumers and other businesses.
  3. Students will learn how to solve practical problems applying applications of mathematics and descriptive geometry. They will understand and demonstrate proper use of national standards in the creation and revision of technical drawings.


Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Ability to understand the disciplines of mechanical, and architectural technology, as related to computer aided design and drafting.
  2. Ability to make computations involved with layout, dimensioning and detailing of machine parts, structural components, and commercial and residential structures.
  3. Ability to visualize forms and shapes from blueprints and sketches, understand and apply theoretical principles and technical knowledge in planning and solving design problems.


YEAR (Summer, Fall, Spring Semesters) Number of Grads Grad Placement Rate in Related Field or Continuing Education* Average Salary in Related Field
2022 4 N/A N/A
2021 9 88.9 $17.60
2020 14 70.0% $15.99
2019 13 100.00% $16.94
2018 8 100.00% $14.91
2017 9 88.9% $18.18
2016 5 100.00% $13.00
2015 7 85.7% $17.82
2014 7 100% $16.83
2013 8 88% $20.50
2012 11 38% $17.17
2011 6 83% $15.83
2010 10 71% $14.88

*Grad Placement Rate in Related Field or Continuing Education - The number of completers who are working in an occupation related to their field of study or continuing their education divided by the number of completers in the program during the fiscal year.

Average Time to Completion

Average Semesters to Completion 4 (2 Years)

Average GPA

FY 2023


5 Yr (2023 - 2019)


Graduation Rate by Enrollment Cohort **















**Graduation rates by cohorts refer to tracking the percentage of students who start their educational journey together (a cohort) and successfully graduate within a specific time frame.