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Idaho State University
Alesha E. Churba Program Coordinator, Senior Instructor Computer Aided Design Drafting Technology

Alesha E. Churba MTD, CAPS, CMD

Program Coordinator, Senior Instructor

(208) 282-5839

Professional Work Experience

  • Instructor, College of Technology since September, 2008
  • Interior Designer, Architectural Project Manager, Kitchen/Bath Designer
  • Certified Aging in Place Specialist
  • Business Owner: A. E. Churba Design, LLC (10+ years)
  • Retail Business Management (10+ years)

Career Highlights

  • Biggest career highlight is seeing and helping my students succeed in many different career positions across the country.
  • Awarded the Excellence in Student Services in 2015 and was nominated again in 2016 by my students.
  • Received numerous customer service awards over the course of managing seven stores for the Original Honey Baked Ham Company of Atlanta, Georgia

One of my Favorite Professional Experiences…

Alesha E. Churba with her dogs

I have had many wonderful professional experiences, most notably are those where my students are succeeding at whatever they choose to do.  Two particularly gratifying experiences were helping two non-traditional students who had come in to the CADD program when they were in their early 50's and were unsure if they could succeed in the program.  I'm so proud to say, both not only succeeded in the program but went ahead to complete their Bachelor's Degrees in addition to completing their Associates Degrees.  There is no more satisfying moment than when my students walk across the stage and receive their medallions knowing they achieved something many never even thought they could do, let alone excel at and complete.  

I like to tell my students that if I can do this (drafting and design), they can do this. If they want to succeed, I will do everything in my power to help them do so. I got into design drafting because I wanted to do Interior Design.  Drafting is a skill that is used in every facet of industry from jewelry design, to building design, to rocket design. Everything has to have some sort of design and when you go through the CADD program, you are more than equipped to go out and make your mark in the world.