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ISU Budget Model

In 2019, President Satterlee commissioned a project charter for the development of a comprehensive, all-funds budget model for the University. This multi-year project is sponsored by Jennifer Steele, Chief Fiscal Officer, and coordinated through the Budget Model Advisory Group.

Budget Model Charter - Updated February 2022

Approved Recommendations for FY2022 Implementation

Budget Model Advisory Group

Angie Dangerfield, University Business Officer

Kandi Turley-Ames, Founding Dean

Fred Parrish, University Business Officer

Scott Snyder, Dean

Lyle Castle, Vice Provost for Academic Outreach

Joe Wilcox, University Business Officer

Renae Scott, Chief Information Officer

Dan Dale, Faculty Senate Vice Chair

Jennifer Steele, Chief Fiscal Officer

Cynthia Hill, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Lowell Richards, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs

Jerry Leffler, Faculty Senate Past Chair, Assistant Clinical Professor

D. Jasun Carr, Faculty Senate Chair, Assistant Professor

Rick Wagoner, Faculty Senate Past Chair, Associate Professor