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Crabtree Experimental Archaeology Laboratory

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Graveley Hall, B17 & B18
The Crabtree Experimental Archaeology Laboratory carries on the tradition of the work started by Donald E. Crabtree here at Idaho State University where he explored many important lithic technology topics as a Research Associate at the Idaho Museum of Natural History. In the Crabtree Lab our mission focuses on bridging the gap between the static archaeological record and the dynamic human behavior which produced it. We explore topics across various ancient technologies with emphasis on experiential learning through multidisciplinary approaches. We look for a commitment to authenticity in our research and are guided by dedication to the following tenets:
  • Recreating the Past
  • Unlocking Cultural Wisdom
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Educating and Inspiring
  • Advancing Research
  • Preserving Heritage
  • Innovating the Present
  • Promoting Ethical Engagement