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Aircraft Maintenance Faculty

Kent Roberts Coordinator/ Clinical Instructor Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Kent Roberts

Coordinator/ Clinical Instructor


Tonya Bolliger Instruction Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Tonya Bolliger

Instruction Assistant

(208) 232-8485

Barry Everett Aviation Maintenance Technology Instructor

Barry Everett Jr.

Aircraft Technology Instructor


Professional Work Experience

  • Worked as A&P and IA – 10 years
  • Owner/Aviation Maintenance Shop – 5 years
  • Director of Maintenance/Back country pilot – 2 years
  • Aerial photography pilot – 1 year

Career Highlights

  • Built a Navy N3N Biplane from the frame up
  • Teaching and instructing students and sharing the experiences I’ve had over the years

One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

It’s tough to choose just one experience over another when you’re in Aviation. However, a few that come to mind are flying the N3N, flying a 206 into Sulfur Creek for the first time, and taking a plane that crashed and restoring it for the customer while watching him happily fly away. It has all been a great experience.

Matthew Weaver

Clinical Instructor

Office: Aviation Mechanics - Aircraft Hanger 6

(208) 232-8485