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Aircraft Maintenance Faculty

Edward Foster Program Coordinator/Instructor, Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Ed Foster

Coordinator/ Clinical Instructor

(208) 282-5208


Over 35 rewarding years working in aviation/aerospace as both an A&P/IA and commercial pilot. Experience includes maintaining everything from Piper Cubs to the Space Shuttle fleet, piloting international flights and working under FAR Parts 43, 91, 107, 121, 125, 133, 135 and 137.


Obtaining this position at ISU where I have both the privilege and responsibility of helping to train future aircraft mechanics. It's been very rewarding to see students learn and progress towards obtaining their FAA Certificates


There are many, but flying a single engine aircraft from Honduras to Dubai is at the top of the list.

Wendy Roberts Instructional Assistant, Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Wendy Roberts

Instruction Assistant

(208) 282-5208


  • Adjunct Faculty, Colorado Northwestern Community College, Photography Instructor
  • Administrative Assistant for a Child Psychiatrist
  • Office Manager at a Counseling Office
  • Owner/Photographer of a Photography Business for 25+ years


  • Hand built an Elizabethian Costume, a dress for Queen Elizabeth I, for ISU’s Production of “Shakespeare in Love” Spring 2019 while working as a CPI in ISU’s Theatre Department my last semester of my undergrad program.
  • I am currently painting a Corsair on a 40x60 inch canvas to be hung over the cut-away of an engine from that airplane in the entry way of the hangar.
Barry Everett Aviation Maintenance Technology Instructor

Barry Everett Jr.

Clinical Instructor


Professional Work Experience

  • Worked as A&P and IA – 10 years
  • Owner/Aviation Maintenance Shop – 5 years
  • Director of Maintenance/Back country pilot – 2 years
  • Aerial photography pilot – 1 year

Career Highlights

  • Built a Navy N3N Biplane from the frame up
  • Teaching and instructing students and sharing the experiences I’ve had over the years

One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

It’s tough to choose just one experience over another when you’re in Aviation. However, a few that come to mind are flying the N3N, flying a 206 into Sulfur Creek for the first time, and taking a plane that crashed and restoring it for the customer while watching him happily fly away. It has all been a great experience.

Matt Weaver Clinical Instructor, Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Matthew Weaver

Clinical Instructor

Office: Aviation Mechanics - Aircraft Hanger 6

(208) 282-4702

Professional Work Experience

  • Worked as A & P and IA - 12 years
  • Served in the United States Army as AH-64D Longbow Crew Chief – 2 years
  • Government contractor for Dyn Corp/URS on AH-64D Longbow Helicopters
  • Crew chief for Neptune Aviation on BAE-146 wildland firefighting aircraft
  • Crew chief for Classic Air Medical on Bell 429/407 emergency medical aircraft
  • Current owner of A & M Aviation Services LLC – performing aircraft inspection on general aviation aircraft for southeastern Idaho

Career highlight

Working for companies like Neptune Aviation and Classic Air Medical where I was able to be part of a team that provided services to the local and regional communities and knowing that what I was a part of was helping make things better for those that needed it.