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WUE - Western Undergraduate Exchange

Looking for a great education at an affordable price?

Want to go out-of-state but don't want to pay out-of-state tuition?

If you are a resident of one of these 14 western states (shown above), you may qualify for the Western Undergraduate Exchange at ISU!

This scholarship, available for freshmen and transfer students, could save you more than $35,000 over four years!

Participating States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

What is WUE?

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a program coordinated by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education that allows students residing in participant states to attend programs at Idaho State University at a reduced cost.

Time accrued while participating in the WUE Program will not count towards the length of time required to gain Idaho Residency.

Who can participate?

Undergraduate academic or applied technology students from the states/territories of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, the Republic of Palau or the Republic of the Marshall Islands are eligible to participate in WUE. Post-Baccalaureate students are WUE eligible.

Are all programs of study WUE-eligible?

All fields of study at Idaho State University are WUE eligible, however, some high demand or oversubscribed programs may limit the number of non-resident students who can be admitted to their programs. Preference is given to those seeking their first bachelor’s degree.

How do students apply for WUE?

Incoming freshmen and transfer students must submit all admissions materials (admission application, application fee (if applicable), and official high school or college transcripts) to the university in order to be considered. New Incoming Freshman/Transfer Deadline: July 1st (fall entry); Nov 1st (spring entry).

The Application for Admission serves as the WUE application.

Preference is given to students with at least a 2.50 GPA as well as to those who meet our scholarship application deadline. Students who do not meet this criteria will be considered on an individual basis. Current students who do not already have some type of waiver and are from a WUE state/region may also ask to be considered for the WUE.  Please contact the ISU Scholarship Office (scholar@isu.edu)

As a WUE student, what are my tuition expenses at ISU?

WUE students pay 1.5 times the Idaho resident tuition instead of full non-resident tuition plus resident tuition, for a tremendous cost savings.  Estimated savings per semester is over ~$7,500 per semester (amounts are dependent upon tuition each year).

How are students notified about WUE awards?

Students are notified of their WUE Rate in writing by the ISU Scholarship Office. Students have until the date stated in their WUE Rate Offer Letter and on their reply form to accept or decline the WUE Rate.

Renewal Information for WUE

Important renewal criteria to maintain a WUE award must be met.  After receiving an invitation to participate in the WUE program at ISU, a student must do the following to remain eligible:

  • Be enrolled full time as a degree seeking undergraduate student (12 credits or more) each semester.
  • Maintain good academic standing.
  • Not accept any other ISU scholarship in the form of a tuition waiver or reduction of non-resident charges.

Students who accept the WUE are not eligible to establish Idaho Residency for tuition purposes

How the WUE Rate is Applied to Your Account

Once the bill from ISU is generated you will see a WUE rate that you are being charged instead of the full non-resident charge.  You can see these charges in your MyISU, under the Student Finances tab.  Your WUE will show in your financial aid award tab, but will NOT have a dollar amount associated with it, as this is a placeholder to apply the WUE Rate.

The WUE Rate will drop off and you will be charged the regular non-resident charges if you are NOT registered for full-time (undergraduate) credits upon the 10th day of classes each semester.