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At Idaho State University you can avoid annual increases in the cost of tuition encountered at all other Idaho colleges and universities. With a tuition lock from ISU, what you pay when you enroll as a first time college freshman is what you'll pay for up to four years. As long as you meet the criteria listed below, the cost of your tuition will not increase.


Your focus in college should be your coursework and future career plans not how you're going to pay for it. ISU’s tuition lock is one way we’re working to keep your education affordable.


  • Idaho resident
  • Full-time students successfully completing a minimum of 15 credits during the fall and spring semesters
  • New, first-time freshmen
  • Degree-seeking student
  • Good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Must be continuously enrolled (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Students may start any semester1
  • Students must attend a semester to be eligible for tuition lock
  • Following the completion of at least one semester, students on active military duty, serving a religious mission or on humanitarian leave may defer their continuous enrollment and return at a later date


1 If a student starts summer semester, they will still be considered new, first-time freshmen for the following fall semester and will qualify for tuition lock at the fall semester price.  However, if students in the tuition lock program decide to take summer classes, they will pay the current price of tuition at that time.



1) What is a tuition lock?

A tuition lock refers to an ISU program that ensures that base tuition rates for undergraduate Idaho students remain the same for four continuous academic years.


2) What price can I expect to pay?

Tuition lock will only apply to the price of tuition at the time of a student’s first semester at ISU.  It will not apply to any fees, such as facility fee, technology fee, activity fees, class fees, professional fees, or other fees.  Tuition lock may not be combined with any other waiver or tuition reduction benefit, including, but not limited to, staff/spouse and dependent tuition reductions.


3) Does tuition lock only apply to incoming freshmen?

Yes.  This is an ISU pilot program and only applies to new, first-time college freshmen.  Current ISU students will not have their rate of tuition locked.


4) Will the tuition lock impact my financial aid?

Cost of attendance for students under the tuition lock program will be calculated as the average cost of attendance over the four years of their program, as appropriate under federal guidelines.  For further clarification, contact an advisor in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.


5) How can I lock my tuition if I am planning on serving a church mission OR entering active military service?

Students who experience an absence from continuous enrollment will be allowed to return to ISU at a later date under the same tuition lock contract they began with.  Deferments may extend for the period of time the student is away, but continued enrollment must begin in the next available term in order for tuition lock to remain in place.  Acceptable reasons for deferment include:

  1. Military students called to active duty
  2. Religious mission/humanitarian leave


6) Does my application to ISU lock my tuition?

No.  An application and acceptance to ISU does not automatically lock your tuition.  A student must meet all qualifications (listed above) and complete at least one semester.


7) When will the tuition lock pilot program begin?

ISU’s tuition lock pilot program will begin fall 2016.


8) How many credits do I have to take each semester?

To qualify for the tuition lock, a student must continuously enroll in a minimum of 15 credits every semester.


9) What GPA is required to remain qualified for the tuition lock?

Students must be in good academic standing and maintain a 2.0 GPA.


10) Will tuition at ISU be significantly increased the following year?

No.  ISU will continue its focus on keeping tuition increases minimal every year.  ISU was recently ranked 15th in the U.S. for lowest cost of tuition and highest starting salaries of graduates.


11) Do I need to be a new freshman straight out of high school to qualify for the tuition lock?

No.  The tuition lock will apply to any student who meets all qualifications (listed above), which includes a new, first-time college freshman.


12) How does this affect spouse and/or dependents of ISU employees receiving tuition subsidiaries?

Tuition lock may not be combined with any other waiver or tuition reduction benefit, including, but not limited to, staff/spouse and dependent tuition reductions.


13) Are College of Technology students eligible for the tuition lock?

Yes.  All undergraduate, degree-seeking students are eligible for the tuition lock program as long as all qualifications are met.


14) Does this apply to out-of-state students?

No.  The tuition lock program only applies to students that enter ISU as Idaho residents.


15) What amount will I pay if I’m no longer eligible for the tuition lock?

A student who no longer meets the requirements for the tuition lock will pay the current rate of tuition for the semester they are enrolling.


16) How will my tuition cost be calculated when I pay my fees?

Students will be charged the current tuition rate of the semester in which they are enrolling, and then a waiver will be applied to reverse the excess rate in order to reach the appropriate tuition lock price.