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Pre-Approval Reports

  1. A Pre-Approval Report must be submitted and approved prior to departure. For international travel, this must be completed at least 30 days in advance.
  2. A ‘blanket’ Pre-Approval Report may be submitted to cover travel and expenses only within the state of Idaho for each calendar month.
  3. A Pre-Approval Report is still required to travel even if there won’t be any expenses claimed and/or if a third party is funding the trip.
  4. Click here (CR Pre-Approval Report) on how to review and create a Pre-Approval Report.
  5. For lodging reservations be sure to request the government discount rate and provide a Lodging Sales Tax Exemption form at the time of check-in.
  6. When making travel arrangements, the University will only reimburse expenses one day prior and following the scheduled dates for conferences, workshops, meetings, and/or seminars.
  7. Travelers must provide evidence that they have used the least expensive and most practical mode of transportation.  This documentation should be attached to both the Pre-Approval and the Expense Report.  Example: drive instead of fly, or drive instead of rental car.
  8. Be sure to notate in the comments section on the Pre-Approval Report, anything out of the ordinary, unusual or an exception to University travel.

Cash Advances

  1. A travel cash advance may only be requested on the Pre-Approval Report prior to submitting for approval. Be sure to allow time for approval, check printing/direct depositing to be completed prior to the departure date of the trip.
  2. A travel advance can be requested as far out as 60 days prior to departure. If expenses are incurred more than 60 days before the scheduled trip, an advance can be issued if receipt(s) are provided. Only one advance request per trip.
  3. When expenses are not covered by a travel card, 100% of the estimated expenses can be advanced.

Expense Reports

  1. A travel Expense Report must be submitted within 10 days from the return date. Reimbursements filed six months after the date the expense is incurred will not be reimbursed.
  2. Click here (CR Expense Report) on how to review and create an Expense Report.
  3. Travel expense reimbursement requests must include the original itemized receipt with the following information:
    1. Date of Purchase
    2. Name and location of vendor
    3. Item(s) purchased
    4. Dollar Amount
    5. Flight itinerary (when applicable) 
  1. If a receipt cannot be provided or duplicated, an Affidavit of Lost Receipt will need to be completed and included on the Expense Report.
  2. A copy of the conference schedule or Conference-at-a-Glance pages for conferences, workshops, meetings, and/or seminars must be included to help determine what expenses are appropriate for reimbursement.
  3. Travelers must provide evidence that they have used the least expensive and most practical mode of transportation.  This documentation should be attached to both the Pre-Approval and Expense Report.  Example: drive instead of fly, or drive instead of rental car.
  4. If a cash advance was issued, but exceeded the total claimed expenses, the balance owed will need to be repaid to the University. It will need to be included on the Expense Report and will be payroll deducted.

Per Diem

  1. Federal Per Diem rates are determined each fiscal year, effective October 1st.
  2. Per Diem is based on the final trip destination not the state of origin. To calculate per diem allowance by state, visit U.S General Services Administration Per Diem Rates.
  3. Per Diem eligibility is based on the following parameters:
    1. Breakfast – if departure time is 7 am or before, or return time is 8 am or after.
    2. Lunch – if departure time is 11 am or before, or return time is 2 pm or after.
    3. Dinner – if departure time is 5 pm or before, or return time is 7 pm or after.

4. For In-State Per Diem, the University has set the meal reimbursements at:

    1. Breakfast - $7
    2. Lunch - $16
    3. Dinner - $26

5. Same Day Meals are based on the departure and return times, and are taxable to the traveler. 


  1. Travelers are to use the most economical and effective means of ground transportation both from the standpoint of time and cost for car rentals, ISU Motor Pool, and/or mileage.
  2. When renting vehicles, reservations should be made with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz, or National Car Rental companies in order to receive the contractual discounted rate and should be limited to subcompact, compact or intermediate sizes.

Rental Company

Contract #















  1. Additional products/services added to rental agreements will not be reimbursed. This includes insurance, roadside assistance and/or charges for GPS.
  2. A car rental justification is required by the State of Idaho Travel Policy.
  3. Review the Enterprise Car Rental FAQ.
  4. For ISU Motor Pool reservations and vehicle rates, please contact Transportation Services at 282-4460 or visit
  5. Salt Lake Express offers a $5 discount each way for shuttle services.
  6. The mileage rate for personal vehicle is reimbursed at the rate established by the State of Idaho at $0.58/mile. Gas cannot be reimbursed for personal vehicles when claiming mileage.
  7. An explanation will be required for vicinity mileage exceeding 15 miles.
  8. A one-way rental is allowed under the state contract up to 500 miles with no additional cost.  When making a one-way rental reservation, please notify the local Enterprise branch so the fee(s) can be adjusted.

Travel Card

  1. To obtain an individual or department travel card a Travel Card Request form will need to be completed and submitted to the Travel Office. A Travel Card Agreement will be supplied and required in conjunction with obtaining a travel card.
  2. All travel cards will need to be activated and a PIN (PIN information) registered with Bank of America prior to use.
  3. Review the Travel Card Quick Reference for allowed and disallowed purchases on a travel card. Unauthorized travel card charges will be payroll deducted to reimburse the University.
  4. Travel Cards cannot be used at ATM’s for cash back for domestic nor international travel.
  5. All travel card charges will need to be reconciled on the corresponding Travel Expense Report.
  6. To cancel an individual or department travel card, please contact the Travel Office at 282-2511.
  7. If a travel card is lost or stolen, please contact Bank of America at 1-888-449-2273 and the Travel Office.

Business with Personal Travel

  1. When traveling on University business in conjunction with personal travel, the University will only reimburse for University related expenses.
  2. Additional costs due to personal travel will not be reimbursed by the University and will need to be separated from the business portion on the Expense Report.

International Travel

  1. A review of foreign travel arrangements is required to ensure the visiting country and/or individuals have no related restrictions under federal export control requirements.
  2. All faculty, staff and students traveling outside the U.S. on any type of University business must provide information to the Export Control Office as soon as foreign travel is anticipated, regardless of who is sponsoring/funding the trip.
  3. For assistance with the Foreign Travel Review process, please contact the Export Control Office at 282-1336, or visit the Foreign Travel Process section of Research Outreach & Compliance's website at:
  4. To convert foreign transactions and currency, visit Select the date the transaction(s) occurred for accurate conversion rates and reimbursable amount.
  5. For Federal Foreign Per Diem rates, visit
  6. Some countries do not accept credit cards and operate on a cash only basis. Be sure to request a Cash Advance sufficient enough to cover travel expenses for the duration of the trip.


  1. To have Accounts Payable reimbursements directly deposited into your bank account, an Employee Direct Deposit authorization form will need to be completed and submitted to Accounts Payable. This is separate from Payroll direct deposit.
  2. P-cards issued by Purchasing Department cannot be used for travel expenses and may jeopardize P-card privileges.


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