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Idaho State University Syllabus Statement Title IX

Idaho State University is committed to fostering an environment in which students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds can live, work and learn free from the insidious and debilitating effects of prejudice, discrimination and marginialization. As such, ISU is committed to providing an environment free of all forms of discrimination, including sexual and gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence such as sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.  If you (or someone you know) has experienced or is experiencing these types of behaviors, we have resources available to help.  

ISU faculty and staff are concerned about the well-being and development of our students. If you inform me of any experience regarding harassment or discrimination, I am obligated to share information with the ISU Title IX Coordinator to ensure that the student’s safety and welfare is being addressed, consistent with the requirements of law.  If you would like to talk to the Title IX Coordinator, Ian Parker directly, you may contact him at (208) 282-1439 or ianparker@isu.edu, located in Rendezvous 235.  If you would like more information regarding Title IX or to make an online report please visit Title IX homepage.