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Research Council Members 2021-2022


Members Department   Affiliation Term Expires

Steven Lawyer(Chair)

Psychology College of Arts and Letters May 2024

Tyler Burch (Vice Chair)

Marketing & Management College of Business  May 2022 

Donna Delparte

Bio/Chem/Geology College of Science & Engineering May 2024
Dustiin McNulty (Replacement for Marco Schoen ((Term ends 2022)) Who is on sabbitical for 2021-2022 academic year)


College of Science & Engineering May 2022
Brandon Holst Library, Electronic Resources 


May 2024

Celal Perihan

Education  College of Education May 2024

Gustavo Gonzalez

Pharmacy  KDHS May 2023 

Darin Jernigan

Technical-General Education  College of Technology  May 2023

Dr. Sarah Godsey

Geosciences Distinguished Research Rep. May 2022

Jonathan Fardy

Art   College of Arts and Letters May 2022

Barbara Gordon

Nutrition and Dietetics KDHS May 2022






Ex-Officio, Non Voting

DepartmentAffiliationTerm Expires

Jasun Carr

Digital Media; Social Media; Media Psychology; Research Methods Faculty Senate Chair  May 2022

 Ann Medinger

Recording Secretary Faculty Senate Not Applicable