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CAES Programs

CAES Summer Visiting Faculty Program (CSVFP)

This 12-week program is intended to support and guide faculty from Boise State University, Idaho State University and University of Idaho in the development of a submission-ready research proposal in collaboration with a researcher at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). Awardees will participate in professional development, seminars, and informational sessions aimed at building the faculty member’s understanding of the US Department of Energy and its core capabilities, INL’s strategic initiatives and areas of interest, and best practices in cross-institutional collaboration. Awardees receive a summer stipend which could be used to support students assisting with the project. The CSVFP is described in more detail here.

Idaho Ignite

This 6-week summer program is for Idaho faculty, post-docs, and graduate students who want to take their creative idea or invention to the marketplace.  It delivers training, provides a network, facilitates connections to service and capital providers, and establishes a scalable structure. All faculty members with an entrepreneurial mindset from higher education institutions across the state are encouraged to apply.  The program is offered by the Venture College of BSU in partnership with ISU, UI, and CAES.  Participant stipends are provided by a grant from the Idaho Higher Education Research Council.  Idaho Ignite is described in more detail here.