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CAES People

At Idaho State University, all CAES activities are overseen by its Associate Director, David Rodgers.  Feel free to contact him at davidrodgers@isu.edu to discuss CAES opportunities, collaboration ideas, access to the CAES building, or forthcoming plans.

Many ISU Faculty and Staff are affiliated with CAES by virtue of program participation, research collaborations, or use of the CAES building.  Notable amongst these is Dr. Mustafa Mashal who was selected as a CAES Fellow based on his exemplary participation in many CAES activities. 

A number of ISU faculty/staff have offices in the CAES building and are listed below:

Over the past two years more than 35 ISU Faculty have participated in at least one CAES activity - Workshop, Seed Grant, Collaboration Grant, etc.  Here is a compilation of CAES-affiliated ISU faculty and their recent activities.  Feel free to contact any of them to learn about their experiences.

Students are an integral part of the ISU CAES team.  Supervised by one of the CAES-affiliated faculty members, these students may occupy one of the 20 ISU-assigned cubicles in the CAES building, may conduct research in a CAES lab, and may receive partial funding from a CAES-associated grant. 

A directory of university and INL researchers, administrators, and staff associated with CAES can be found here

Kristi Moser-McIntire

Kristi Moser-McIntire (CAES Deputy Associate Director and Safety Officer)

Rm 255


Dr. Mostafa Fouda (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Rm 255

Dustin Hughes

Mr. Dustin Hughes (Assistant CAES Safety Officer)

Rm 265

Amir Ali

Dr. Amir Ali (Nuclear Engineering, CAES Laboratory Lead)

Rm 280

Daniel LaBrier

Dr. Dan LaBrier (Nuclear Engineering)

Rm 283

Portrait of Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar

Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik Gougar (Nuclear Engineering)

Rm 284

Dr. Leslie Kerby

Dr. Leslie Kerby (Computer Science)

Rm 285

Dr. Mustafa Mashal (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Rm C200

Anish Sebastian 2017

Dr. Anish Sebastian (Mechanical Engineering)

Rm C207

Rajib Mahamud

Dr. Rajib Mahamud (Mechanical Engineering)

Rm C207

Taher Deemyad

Dr. Taher Deemyad (Mechanical Engineering)

Rm C207