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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

If I'm not accepted into the program can I re-apply?

How many people apply to the program and how many are accepted?

Do all pre-requisites have to be taken before being accepted into the radiology program?

What is the average GPA for students accepted into the program?

What are the benefits of doing the four-year Bachelor of Science Degree over an Associate of Applied Science degree?

If accepted to the program will I be able to work a job and do well in the program or does it require too much time?

Is the program accredited by the JRCERT?

Where is the program on campus?

What types of degrees are offered in this program?

Where do the students do their clinical rotation?

How are clinical rotations assigned?

What are the different imaging modalities?

What specialized modalities can you learn and where can you take the classes?

Can you specialize in CT, MRI, and US or would you recommend picking one specialty?

Is continuing education required in this profession?

Are all x-ray machines alike?

Does the program teach me how to interact with people?

What jobs can a Radiologic Technologist be trained for?

Where can I find a job?

Will I be able to get jobs after graduate?

What is the job placement rate for students graduating from the Radiographic Science Program at ISU?

What skills does this job require?

Is Ultrasound a growing radiography profession and how long does it take to become certified?

What kinds of lifestyles do radiographers live? (Working hours, salary, places they are needed, etc.)

What kinds of things would you expect to see and do as a radiographer in a hospital?

Is there danger from x-rays?

How much radiation does a radiographer receive over a year?

Is becoming a radiographer and then specializing in CT or some other modality, and then pursuing an education to become a physician a good route to pursue?

I’m almost finished with my HCA requirements that are needed for the bachelor’s degree. I can see the importance of these classes for supervisory position but was wondering if other Rad Science programs require these courses?

What subscription would you recommend for a radiographic journal or magazine?

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