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Policies Currently Out for 30 Day Comment

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Purchasing Card ISUPP 2570

The Purchasing Card (PCard) policy has undergone revisions to update non-substantive issues, as well as the following substantive changes.

  • Creates a new category of PCard user, who are granted additional privileges, including: increased spending limits and permissions to use a PCard on select regularly excluded items. PCard Super User status is granted to a small subset of PCard users and attaining this status requires a legitimate business need and additional training.
  • Changes to reconciliation timeline. 
    The timeline in which to reconcile PCard purchases has been solidified, changing from “in a timely manner” to “within 28 days of the transaction.”
  • Changes to receipt documentation.
  • PCard users will now be required to upload receipts into the banking system. It is still required for individuals/departments to maintain a record of all receipts; however, it is no longer required for hard copy receipts to be maintained and stored. Copies of scanned receipts must be stored electronically within departments.
  • New language about conflicts of interest and a warning to avoid unintended contractual obligations.

The 30-Day comment period for this policy expires December 14, 2022.

Environmental Health and Safety ISUPP 1070

  • New policy governing the University’s commitment to protecting the health and safety of the University community, while minimizing impacts on the environment. This policy outlines environmental, health, and safety responsibilities of University constituencies ranging from the highest administrative levels to students and contractors.
  • Encourages University units to assess their operations for potential hazards and legal requirements within the scope of their operations and create plans to mitigate risks and maintain legal compliance. This policy outlines the process for the reporting of unsafe conditions.

The 30-Day comment period for this policy expires December 14, 2022.

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