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Policies in 30-Day Review

Please email comments to policies@isu.edu. Comments can also be submitted anonymously using the form below.

Policy Revisions in 30-Day Review

Faculty Workload ISUPP 4090

  • Request that comments be limited to constructive, actionable language changes that would improve specific parts of the policy. Please keep comments brief.
  • Revisions for this policy include 5 guiding principles: equity, flexibility, credit, transparency, and accountability. It includes a requirement that all colleges develop individual college-level policies which adhere to these guiding principles. The University-level policy deals with high-level philosophies in order to allow flexibility for colleges to govern faculty workload according to their diverse needs. College workload policies require approval from the Office of the Provost to ensure equity across colleges.
  • A 3:3 instructional workload standard is set as a baseline, with the opportunity for course releases and course buy-outs to tailor workload assignments based upon a faculty member's specific circumstances. Note: a 3:3 instructional workload is already the University standard based upon current policy. The addition of course releases and course buy-outs is intended to provide the flexibility and transparency needed to ensure equitable workload assignments.
  • This policy revision is a complete rewrite.
  • More information is available in the ISU Today: November 9 edition.

The 30-Day comment period for this policy expires on December 10, 2023.

Leave of Absence for Faculty and Staff ISUPP 3070

  • Specific language was added to this policy to protect the rights of faculty utilizing paid parental leave. Expectations and responsibilities are outlined concerning arrangements for teaching and service replacements during a semester, and how faculty are reintegrated into the classroom when returning from paid parental leave when a semester has already started.
  • Additional guidelines were added concerning personal leave without pay.
  • The University holiday schedule was updated to reflect new practices, namely simplifying the holiday time reporting process through the dissolution of “Comp Days.”

The 30-Day comment period for this policy expires on December 1, 2023.


New Policies in 30-Day Review

Professional Workplace Free from Abusive Conduct ISUPP 3000

  • The University is committed to creating and maintaining workplace environments which uphold the University’s mission and values. To that end, all employees share the responsibility to build and maintain a workplace that is objectively respectful, professional, and free from abusive conduct.
  • This new policy outlines the guiding principles for and responsibilities related to creating and maintaining a professional workplace environment free from bullying, humiliation, intimidation, and threats.
  • Expectations are outlined for resolving workplace conflicts initially at the unit level, as well as reporting guidelines for potential abusive conduct.

The 30-Day comment period for this policy expires on December 1, 2023.


Anonymous Comment Submission Form:

Please make sure to include the name of the policy in your submission.