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Policies in 30-Day Review

Please email comments to policies@isu.edu. Comments can also be submitted anonymously using the form below.

ISU Export Controls and Working with Foreign Nationals Policy ISUPP 7040

This policy underwent a general review to ensure ISU is in compliance with regulatory agencies. Changes include:

  • Shortened policy name to: ISU Export Controls;
  • Requires that ALL University personnel comply with export control laws;
  • Primary responsibility for compliance rests with the PI overseeing the relevant project;
  • Added supportive language to ensure the pursuit of compliance did not create
    unnecessary barriers for individuals who regularly collaborate internationally and/or
    whose work regularly intersects with export control laws. This will be accomplished
    through training/consultation between the Export Control Officer and the individual, in
    which an individualized plan may be created to guide the individual’s ongoing efforts.

The 30-Day comment period for this policy expires on May 17, 2024.

Student Code of Conduct ISUPP 5000

  • Added to Policy:
    • New introduction establishes the disciplinary aspect of the Code as educational
      rather than purely punitive. Emphasizes the opportunity to discuss actions, learn
      from mistakes, and sanctions with educational goals when possible.
    • Bribery/Extortion; Solicitation/Posting; and Violation of University Policy or Law were
      added as violations.
    • Clarified Drug violations to include paraphernalia, OTC misuse, prescription drugs.
    • Clarification of Harassment that doesn’t meet the legal definition. Reclassified as
      Abusive Conduct. Brought definitions for Bullying, Intimidation, Threats, etc. in line
      with new ISUPP 3000 Professional Workplace Free from Abusive Conduct policy.
      Creates continuity between policies.
  • Removed from Policy:
    • Procedures + Housing Regulations, which will be provided in unit procedural
      documents rather than as part of the policy.
    • Legalistic language such as: accused, victim, etc. was removed. Industry standard
      is to replace legalistic tone with an educational tone.
    • Bullying: removed Title IX standard of proof (severe, pervasive, and objectively
      offensive) was too high. Difficult to adequately address legitimate bullying
      instances with such a high standard.
    • General attempt to shorten the policy, in order to make it more accessible to
      students. Policy shortened from 24 to 19 pages.

The 30-day comment period for this policy expires on May 13, 2024.

Anonymous Comment Submission Form:

Please make sure to include the name of the policy in your submission.