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Policies Currently Out for 30 Day Comment

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 Academic Rank and Other Appointments, ISUPP 4050

  • This policy is going through a second round of 30-Day Review due to changes made late in the policy-making process.  These new changes can be found in III.B.1 (a. b. and c.) and III.B.2 (g. h. and i.).  Changes were made in order to more appropriately reflect current ISU faculty and to maintain the ability to retain and recruit faculty. These changes reflect minimum requirements.  Colleges Divisions, and Departments are allowed to set higher requirements for each rank if they so choose.
  • 30-Day Review Expires: June 3, 2021

Grievance Procedures for Institutional Faculty, ISUPP 4041

  • This policy outlines the process for a faculty member to grieve an event in which they feel a policy, procedure or practice was violated, resulting in adverse affects to said faculty member. This policy has gone through extensive revisions, including: the definition of what is grievable; the burden of proof in a grievance; the make-up of and process for forming a grievance committee; functions formerly provided by the Office of Human Resources, the Provost’s Office, and college Deans would shift to the Faculty Senate.
  • This policy will remain in comment period throughout the summer, due to the important nature of the policy and its late posting at the end of the semester.
  • 30-Day Review Expires: September 1, 2021

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