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ISU Ombuds Committee Contact List

Faculty and Staff can access any ISU Ombuds that they feel most comfortable working with. ISU Faculty Senate has a Faculty Ombuds Office. Their charter agreement also aligns with the standards of the International Ombuds Association. To learn more visit

ISU Ombuds - Faculty

Eddie Tatar

Associate Professor

Office: Department of Physics

(208) 282-4650

Jeremy Thomas

Director of Gender & Sexuality Studies Associate Professor of Sociology

Office: Kegal Liberal Arts 321 and Rendezvous Room 301


Dr. James Yizar

Dr. James Yizar

Associate Director - Student Success Center/Assistant Director Athletics

Office: Student Success Center

(208) 282-3545

Amy Christensen

Amy Christensen

TRIO Veterans Director

Office: TRIO Access and Opportunity Programs

(208) 282-3505

Kurtis Moser

Kurtis Moser

Interactive Video Conferencing Class Specialist

Office: ISU Idaho Falls

(208) 282-7838

Stacey Marshall

Stacey Marshall

Assistant Director and Ombuds Coordinator

Office: Human Resources

(208) 282-3081

Stefanie Shadduck

Stefanie Shadduck

Administrative Assistant II - Academic Affairs/Institute of Rural Health

Office: ISU Meridian

(208) 373-1769

Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson

Director - Veterans Student Services Center

Office: Veterans Services Center

(208) 282-4298