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Office for Research Internal Grant Recipients

May 23, 2024

The Office for Research is pleased to announce the recipients of awards through our internal grants program. Each year, in the fall, faculty are encouraged to apply for internal grant funding through the Internal Small Grant Program, and in the spring, to the Faculty Seed Grant Program. These awards are an investment in the research and creative scholarship of our ISU faculty. "The Office for Research is proud to make an investment in our faculty and our students to grow the research and creative
scholarship enterprise at ISU", said Dr. Martin Blair, Vice President for Research and Economic Development. Since 2014, the Office for Research has reinvested over $2 million in recovered facilities and administrative fees in ISU faculty scholars and researchers through various internal grant programs.

Internal Small Grant Program Awardees, listed by Principal Investigator:

Lawrence Behmer, Psychology
Study on Rhythmic Synchronization and its Impact on Brain Performance, Stress, and Communication

Zackary Heern, History
Islam in the Writings of Bahā 'u 'llāh 

Steven Lawyer, Psychology
A Novel Online Platform Measure of Commodity-Specific Delay Discounting

Farjana Eishita, Computer Science Engineering
Gamified Digital Intervention to Ameliorate the Aptitude of Exposure Therapy for OCD: A Neoteric Approach in Post-Pandemic Scenario

Farjana Eishita, Computer Science Engineering
Gamified VR for Postsecondary Education in Literature

Michael Thomas, Biology
Bacteriophage Discovery and Characterization Laboratory

Kathryn Turner, Biology
Gold-standard reference genome to enable investigation of an invasive crop weed

Anirban Chakraborty, Biology
Microbiome surveillance of the sulfate-rich aquifers in Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory in Southwestern Idaho

Mary Ellen Oesterle, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training
Effects of Dry Therapeutic Cupping on Skin Surface Discoloration, Sub Surface Tissue Changes and VEGF Production: A Potential Mechanism for Therapeutic Activity

Velma Payne, Community and Public Health
Enhancing Diagnosis by Learning From Patients' Lived Experiences in Delayed Diagnosis

Kavita Sharma, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
The metabolic impact of gamma - aminobutyric acid (GABA) producing probiotics on healthy aging

Alexandra Gantt-Howrey, Counseling
Supporting Rural Mental Health: A 3-Day Training Program for Counselors

Christopher Pearson, Accounting
The Effects of External Audit-Related Deadline Pressure and Framing on Cooperation

Alexander Bolinger, Marketing & Management
Remote and Return-to-Office Policy Implementation 

Faculty Seed Grant Program Awardees, listed by Principal Investigator:

Sarah Emert, Psychology
Minimal Intervention Necessary for Change - A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial Modifying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia to Improve Sleep and Cognitive Function

Anna Grinath, Biology
Supporting students' agency to shape science practices - from field stations to classrooms

Joshua Grinath, Biology
Characterizing extreme microbial life through improved primer design and environmental analysis

Solomon Zeleke, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Integrated Structure- and Ligand-Based Design Approach for Identification of Novel Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 11 (CDK11) Selective Inhibitors for Potential Treatment of Osteosarcoma

Victoria Scharp, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Meridian Intensive Aphasia Program Therapy Outcomes

Caryn Evilia, Chemistry
Characterizing extreme microbial life through improved primer design and environmental analysis

Arya Ebrahimpour, Civil/Environmental Engineering
Ultra-High-Performance Concrete for Compressed Air Energy Storage - An Experimental and Computer Modeling Investigation

Leslie Nickerson, Chemistry
Reversible Hydrolysis of Esters Using Zeolite Catalysts

Ali Mondt, Human Performance and Sport Studies
An eye-tracking investigation of women's perception of fitness sport media


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