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ISU Graduate Research Symposium winners announced

Mariano Estrada, Marketing Academic Intern

POCATELLO — Winners from Idaho State University’s fourth annual Graduate Research Symposium have been announced.

“The Graduate Research Symposium is the one event a year where students from over 70 different masters and doctoral programs can gather to present, showcase, and discuss work which helps to culminate into their final degree,” said Tracy Collum, associate dean, ISU Graduate School. “ISU has very innovated and talented graduate students and we love providing the opportunity for these students to share their work with the community.”

The symposium took place over two days on March 9-10 and showcased more than 100 students’ abstracts in a variety of categories, including: Posters, Creative Work, Oral Presentations, and the new Three-minute Thesis category.

For more information about this year’s Graduate Research Symposium, including photos and videos of the Three-minute Thesis, visit https://www.isu.edu/graduatesymposium.

Below is the complete list of winners.

Three-Minute Thesis

  • First Place in Three Minute Thesis Competition, An Empirical Examination of Stigma Toward Mental Health Problems and Treatment Use in Veterans, Jonathan Goode (Clinical Psychology, PhD) and Joshua Swift
  • Second Place in Three Minute Thesis Competition, Fast dynamics analysis and active control of spike type stall inception in a one stage axial compressor system. Nirmeet Adhvaryu (Measurements & Controls Engineering, MS) and Marco Schoen
  • Second Place in Three Minute Thesis Competition, Role of central [H+] and CO2 in early rhythmic neural activity and breathing rhythms in the developing zebra finch brainstem, Jessica Whitaker-Fornek (Biology, PhD), Casetin Lybbert and Jason Pilarski 

Oral Presentations

  • Top Oral Presentation in Biological and Natural Sciences, Nutrient Dynamics in Constructed Stormwater Wetlands in Semiarid Climates, Carolyn Macek (Biology, MS)
  • Top Oral Presentation in Business, Economics and Public Administration, Technology-Based Public Policy Interventions to Enhance Access to Health Care Support: A Study in the Context of Rural Bangladesh, Hassan Afzal (Business Administration, MBA) & Larry Cravens
  • Top Oral Presentation in Education, Learning & Training, What Makes An Effective Subculture on a Community College Campus?, Jonathan Lord (Educational Leadership, EdD)
  • Top Oral Presentation in Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Investigating hypokalemic periodic paralysis mutations in hNaV1.4: a mathematical approach Landon Bayless-Edwards (Biology, PhD), James Groome, Frank Lehmann-Horn, Vern Winston & Karin Jurkat-Rott
  • Top Oral Presentation in Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Bigger On the Inside: Codifying the Chronotope of the Labyrinth, Paul Williams (English, MA)

Poster Presentations

  • Top Poster in Biological & Natural Sciences, Characterizing the role of hydrologic fluctuation on suspended sediment and particulate organic carbon export in a semi-arid catchment, Reynolds Creek, Idaho, Kayla Glossner (Biology, MS)
  • Top Poster in Education, Learning & Training, International Student-Athletes in the Intermountain West: Motivations, Decisions, and Opportunities, Leila Riley (Athletic Administration, MPE), Natalee Fauple & Brooke Blair
  • Top Poster in Engineering, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Finite Element Modeling of an Alternative Bridge Deck Connection Method in Accelerated Bridge Construction, Utsa Rashique (Civil Engineering, MS), Arya Ebrahimpour & Mustafa Mashal
  • Top Poster in Health, Nutrition & Clinical Sciences, The Feasibility of Script Based Audio-Visual Speech Entrainment for the Treatment of Nonfluent Aphasia, Jeanna Ritter (Speech Language Pathology, MS)
  • Top Poster in Humanities, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Personality Judgment Accuracy and the Role of Psychological Well-Being and Cognitive Functioning, Sheherezade Krzyzaniak (Experimental Psychology, PhD), Chloe Pedersen, Jacob Gibson, Taeg Barclay & Tera Letzring
  • People’s Choice Poster, Fast dynamics analysis and active control of spike type stall inception in a one stage axial compressor system, Nirmeet Adhvaryu (Measurements & Controls Engineering, MS) & Marco Schoen