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Taher Deemyad, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department

Email: deemtahe@isu.edu 

Curriculum Vitae

Taher received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering & Applied Science with a focus on Robotics and autonomous systems from Idaho State University. His research interests include Autonomous Systems, Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance Systems, Image Processing, Designing Novel Mechanisms for Industrial and Agricultural Purposes, Automation, Optimization, Kinematics and Dynamics of Serial and Parallel Manipulators, Mechanisms Singularity Analysis.

Graduate Students


Kyler Bingham (MS)
Email: kylerbingham@isu.edu 

Sara Sourani Yancheshmeh (MS)
Email: sarasouraniyanche@isu.edu   

Amir Hafezi (MS)
Email: amirhafezi@isu.edu 

Visiting Researcher


Khadijeh Bazargani (MS)
Email: khadijehbazargani@isu.edu

Shaibal Das (MS)
Email: shaibaldas@isu.edu

Undergraduate Students

Mark Oak
Email: markoak@isu.edu 

Former Graduate Students

Safal Lama (MS)
Email: safallama@isu.edu 

Former Undergraduate Students

Matthew Berry
Email: matthewberry@isu.edu 

Wesley Thomas
Email: wesleythomas@isu.edu 

Parker Wegrowski
Email: parkerwegrowski@isu.edu 

Jacob Lemrick
Email: jacoblemrick@isu.edu