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Pocatello Community Resources

Explore the multitude of community resources available here in Pocatello! Our organization offers free trainings that encompass a wide range of topics, like mental health education and awareness, designed to promote emotional resilience and foster a supportive community environment. Whether you're interested in enhancing your mental health literacy or seeking resources in your community, we're here to help. Reach out to us today for more information on how you can schedule a training or for help accessing these resources.

Pocatello Community Helpers:

Crisis Center:
South East Idaho Behavioral Crisis Center
(208) 909-5177
Suicide Prevention Center:
South East Idaho Behavioral Crisis Center
(208) 909-5177
Rape/Sexual Assault Center:
Family Services Alliance
(208) 232-0742
Domestic Violence Hotline:
Sexual Abuse Hotline:
Child Abuse Hotline:
Police Department:
(208) 234-6100
Medical Emergency Services:
Mental Health Crisis/ Response:
Hotline- 988
Emergency Shelters:
Aid for Friends Day Shelter
(208) 232-0178
Aid for Friends Night Shelter
(208) 232-5669
Youth Shelter:
Bannock Youth Foundation
(208) 234-1122

Mental Health Outreach Clinic:
Community Mental Health
(208) 478-2172
Human Development Center
(208) 234-7900
Family Services Alliance
(208) 232-0742
Access Point
(208) 478-9344
Children/Youth Psychiatric Clinic:
Idaho Children’s Mental Health
(208) 234-7900
Bannock House
(208) 234-2244
Idaho Youth Ranch
(208) 235-4050
Medical Clinic/ General Practitioner:
Portneuf Medical Center
(208) 239-1000
Pocatello Free Clinic
(208) 233-6245
Health West Community Clinic
(208) 232-6260
Pocatello Family Medicine
(208) 282-4700
US Indian Health Services
(208) 238-240