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Attend the History Spring Speaker Series

"I loved how I felt part of the learning community, even though I was not on campus. Every teacher was dedicated to helping the online students feel part of the mix!"

Elizabeth Mawlam, Class of 2022

Three teachers stand together smiling for a photo. They are a high school teacher at Pocatello High School, a student teacher from the ISU program, and a professor of history at ISU

Explore Our Programs

At the Department of History at ISU, our programs equip you with the skills to interpret the past and prepare for your future. Choose from our major, minor, or MA in History program, available both online and in-person. Explore diverse historical topics, sharpen research and writing skills, and develop marketable career skills.

Our MA in History program combines traditional and interdisciplinary approaches, offering expertise in historical methods, digital history, research methodology, and professional development. An MA in History opens doors to teaching, research, museums, consulting firms, non-profits, government agencies, and further graduate study. K-12 educators can pursue an MA in History with flexible scheduling and customized projects. Join us on-campus or online for an enriching journey through history at ISU.

Explore History Programs

Meet Our Faculty

With a rich legacy dating back to the founding of the institution in 1901, our history department has been at the forefront of historical education. Our dedicated faculty members are experts in U.S. and global history, environmental history, and the history of war, conflict, and violence. Their contributions to internationally recognized books and journals ensure that you receive a high-quality education informed by the latest research.

Meet Our Faculty

History faculty professor Zack Heern gives a lecture about Iranian women's resistance movements. He stands in front of a large screen with a picture of the header for his presentation.
Three people stand in front of a white fence. They are giving the thumbs up sign and have big grins.

Why study history at ISU?

  • Funded MA program for teachers who want to earn an MA in History
    • opportunities in local school districts
    • pay increases
    • ability to teach in the Early College Program 
  • Faculty are diverse in subject matter and expertise 
  • Student opportunities for engagement
    • department colloquia
    • annual speaker series
    • Phi Alpha Theta history club
  • Involvement in history programs in public schools through ISU's Early College Program and Liberal Arts High program

Career Paths

  • Education
  • Research
  • Museums
  • Consulting
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Law

What can I do with a degree in history?

Accessible Education and Practical Skills Development

  • History coursework offered on-campus and online
  • Joint BA/MA program
  • BA and MA degrees offered completely online
  • Get a teaching endorsement in history
  • Development of critical skills in writing, problem-solving, analysis, audio editing, and web writing

Want to know more about ISU's history programs? Watch this video.

Experience a wide range of captivating history programs