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Idaho State University


The following teaching clinics are run by the ISU Department of Family Medicine as part of our Patient Services Division.


Family Medicine Center

The Health West ISU Clinic serves as the family medicine center for the residency program. This is a large clinic with 18 exam rooms.  There are separate areas for health education and nutrition counseling. The Prenatal Clinic is also housed in the Family Practice Center.

Specialty Clinics

Specialty clinics in dermatology, ENT, neurology, women's health, gynecology, colposcopy, HIV, hepatitis C, vasectomy, and diabetes are organized. Pharmacotherapeutic services are also offered from the Family Practice Center.

Behavioral Health

Dr. Verena Roberts provides therapy and testing services to patients, supervises psychology residents, and serves as a teaching source to residents for psychosocial needs. She also supervises the community medicine and psychiatry roations, and she facilitates intern support and a Balint group. 


Dr. Jean Bokelmann and Dr. Jonathan Cree, have added certification in geriatrics and provide in-depth geriatric teaching to the Medicare population of the clinic-the nursing homes and patients' homes.

Inpatient Medicine

We currently have a very active inpatient medicine service.

Obstetric Services

The Portneuf Medical Center Prenatal Clinic services are offered through the Family Medicine Clinic under the leadership of Dr. Cox, obstetric faculty. Residents pick up their own prenatal patients that they follow through pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum.

Southeast Idaho HIV Clinic

Our pharmacy faculty, Dr. Hachey, and our infectious disease consultant, Dr. Buitrago, provide complete HIV services to the HIV population of Southeast Idaho. Residents are involved in the care and management of these patients and get longitudinal teaching on the Family Practice Center rotation.

Sports Medicine Orthopedics

Dr. Jared Price is a sports medicine specialist with the added certificate who works with our residency program, Student Health, and local orthopedists. He teaches the residents casts in our cast clinic on rotations and takes residents to local sporting events to make them competent in the sports medicine field, evaluations, and treatment.

Women's Health / GYN

With the help of the Women's Health Initiative grant, Dr. Kelli Christensen organizes women's health visits and specific GYN interventions including colposcopy, LEEP and cryotherapy. There is an in-depth curriculum in the management of abnormal PAP smears that gives residents the opportunity to become competent in managing this area of their practice.

Physical address:
465 Memorial Drive
Pocatello,ID 83201

Clinic: (208)234-4700
Residency: (208)282-4421