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Salary & Benefits

Excellent employee benefits and a competitive stipend offer a comprehensive package for the resident while in training.


  • $56,035.00 (R1)
  • $58,240.00 (R2)
  • $61.422.00 (R3)


  • Health Benefits: Group life, health, dental and vision insurance coverage are available at low cost to the resident and his/her family.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Liability and disability coverage is provided for employees of Idaho State University.
  • ISU Tuition: Employees and spouses may enroll in university courses for a nominal fee, and many workshops and programs are offered at no charge to employees and their families.
  • Moving expenses: $1000.00
  • Vacation: 3 full weeks per year

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Professional Benefits

Professional benefits include CME monies of approximately $3,500 for residents use over the course of three years. These monies may be used for such things as license applications, Step 3 exam, and life support courses. 


Students learning maternal life support with birth models