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Salary & Benefits

Excellent employee benefits and a competitive stipend offer a comprehensive package for the resident while in training.


  • $53,772.00 (R1)
  • $55,929.00 (R2)
  • $58,973.00 (R3)


  • Health Benefits: Group life, health, dental and vision insurance coverage are available at low cost to the resident and his/her family.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Liability and disability coverage is provided for employees of Idaho State University.
  • ISU Tuition: Employees and spouses may enroll in university courses for a nominal fee, and many workshops and programs are offered at no charge to employees and their families.
  • Moving expenses: $1000.00
  • Vacation: 3 full weeks per year

The benefit of facilities offered through Idaho State University included

  • Well-equipped gym with pool, weight and exercise rooms, indoor tennis and racquetball courts, wilderness equipment rental center, movie theater, and arts/crafts center.
  • The campus offers inexpensive movies and a variety of arts and entertainment.

Landscape With Building

Native Americans Dance

Professional Benefits

These are approved expenses that residents frequently use their CME monies to cover. This is presented as an example only.


Mandatory ExpensesFee
USMLE or NBOME Step 3 Exam 800.00
EBAHR / NBOME Transcript (send upon notification of passing Step 3 exam) 65.00
Idaho State Board of Medicine Licensure Application 550.00
Idaho State Board of Medicine License Pro-Rated Fee 200.00
Registration fee for EBAHR (Send upon notification of passing USMLE) 63.00
DEA License (50%) (3-year license) (Applied for when ISBM license is received) 265.00
Idaho State Board of Phamacy License Renewal (Due Dec. 31 of each year) 65.00
Optional Expenses  
Smartphone, laptop, or I-pad 250.00
Miscellaneous books, workshops (FCCS, etc.) Fee distributed over a 3-year period.  492.00
Total $2,750.00
The residency will pay for the following:   
ATLS (if approved by Residency Director)  
One-half cost of board exam, if you pass prior to graduation  
FCCS must be paid from your CME funds  

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