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Application Deadline: December 1 each year
Interview Schedule: Every week from mid-October to mid-January


First-year residency applicants must submit their applications through the Electronic Registration Applications Service (ERAS). Second-year openings are filled by direct application to the program.


Undergraduate Students

The residency does not allow job shadowing for many reasons, primarily because of patient privacy and health issues. However, an exception may be made for ISU pre-med students in conjunction with the ISU Pre-Health Professions Counselor. 

Undergraduate college students are allowed to fulfill volunteer hours at Portneuf Medical Center (2 shifts only). Students must go through Volunteer Services and complete an application. Please contact (208) 239-1155 for additional information. 

Physical address:
465 Memorial Drive
Pocatello,ID 83201

Clinic: (208) 234-4700
Residency: (208) 282-4421