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Career Counseling

Career counselors are available to assist you individually with your career exploration. We utilize a number of resources to guide you through this process. Our professional career counselors are licensed professional counselors (LPC) with master’s degrees in counseling.  We also utilize interns in the Master of Counseling program who are supervised by our counselors.

Confidentiality is very important in our counseling and your information will not be shared with anyone without your prior consent. Call (208) 282-2380 to schedule an appointment with one of our career counselors.


What to expect in a career counseling appointment:


  • First, you will check in through our Handshake system in our office.
  • You will be introduced to your counselor and taken to a private counseling office within the Career Center.
  • The counselor will then listen to your concerns and will help you find solutions together.
  • Personal topics may be discussed since career decisions and problems affect many aspects of your life and are interrelated.
  • Feel free to open up to your counselor about your concerns since this helps us to know what direction to go to help you in your career journey.
  • Career exploration is a process and often requires multiple sessions as we work together to get you on the path you want to be on.
  • You are free to make as many appointments as you need as long as we have availability.