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2023 Winners

Student Employee of the Year Rebecca Hazard

1st Place: Rebecca Hazard, Student Research Coordinator in CAMAS

Rebecca is the most consistent, conscientious, and yet creative and innovative student employee of the more than 65 undergraduate and graduate students I’ve employed and mentoring during my 15 years at ISU. The impact that Rebecca Hazard has had on the CAMAS facility’s student-focused research initiatives and internal research sponsorship is profound. She has helped grow the visibility of CAMAS to external contract analysis and academic research through her tireless efforts and enthusiasm for learning and mastering instrumental analysis in academic fields well outside her experience. She has been, and continues to be, an exemplary student employee and is well-deserving of recognition.

Student Employee of the Year Runner Up Rhys Ellis

Runner Up: Rhys Ellis, Marine Fish Husbandry in Biological Sciences Department

Qualities that drive Bronwyn’s work ethic, include their professionalism, meticulous note-keeping and thorough analysis of issues that arise and willingness to explain their thought process to others. They do not settle for a sub-par solution or something that is merely satisfactory. They go deep into the root of an issue to treat the problem, rather than a symptom.

Desiree Molina 2023 2nd Runner Up

Second Runner Up: Desiree Molina, Alaska Pharmacists Association Executive Intern

Desiree is an incredibly hard worker and talented leader. As an executive intern at the Alaska Pharmacists Association (AKPhA), she has taken on a unique position that requires excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to analyze and implement professional continuing education (CE) standards, manage a busy and varied workload, perform under pressure, and serve as a liaison between the ISU/UAA doctor of pharmacy program, Alaskan pharmacists, and the association. Ms. Molina’s attributes of a positive attitude, high work ethic, independent problem solver, and excellent communicator have contributed to her success in this role.

Student Employee of the Year Third Runner Up, Samantha Oliva

Third Runner Up: Samantha Oliva, Recruitment Assistant in High School Equivalency Program (HEP)

It is easy to forget that Sam is a student employee because she is so dedicated and efficient, truly committed to HEP and advocating for migrant seasonal farmworkers throughout southeast Idaho. She not only supports the daily operations of HEP, she also contributes to shaping the future trajectory and vision of our project. On a practical level, Sam is always willing to go to events and put forward her name and face as a representative of HEP.