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My Bengal ID is not working properly

Stop by Campus Connection to check your card. If the card is not working properly due to damage that is NOT due to normal wear and tear, you will need to replace your Bengal ID. You must surrender your damaged Bengal ID in order to receive a replacement. The cost to replace a Bengal ID is $20. 

My Bengal ID was lost/stolen

Contact Campus Connection by phone (208) 282-4636 (INFO), email, or by visiting the desk to have your account suspended and to see if your Bengal ID was turned in. You may also contact Public Safety at (208) 282-2515 to see if your Bengal ID was turned in. Campus Connection will contact you via your ISU email if your Bengal ID was turned in to our desk.

  • It's important to contact Campus Connection as soon as you realize your card is lost to prevent fraudaulent use of funds and access to campus facilities.
  • If your Bengal ID is not found, you may purchase a replacement for $20.