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The Road Scholarship application is open!


Students who are not yet admitted to ISU can do so by visiting one of the below sites:

  1. Visit Apply Idaho
  2. Visit ISU Admissions and select on “create an account”.  To waive the application fee, students will select "New Freshman" and enter the code "WAIVER".

 Once a student is admitted to ISU they will be able to apply for the Road Scholarship, deadline of April 1st, as well as several others in the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS)

To apply for the Road Scholarship:

  1. Log into BOSS. Students will enter their username and password, provided by admissions.  This username and password will be used to not only apply for scholarships in BOSS, but also to register for classes, log into MyISU, etc.
  2. Complete the short “general application” in BOSS (if they have not already done so). 
  1. Once the “general application” is complete, the Road Scholarship will automatically appear in their “recommended” scholarship list - if they are eligible
  2. Students can also go to thb “Opportunities tab”, click on “ours”, and type “Road” into the search bar.  
  1. Students should submit their application in BOSS by March 31st.

If you have any questions about the Road Scholars program, please contact Holly Kartchner at (208) 282-5362 or hollykartcher@isu.edu.

The Road Scholarship Program assists rural Southeast students with financial assistance to attend Idaho State University. Southeast Idaho includes eight counties and 60 high schools. Students, families, educational stakeholders and community leaders have detailed a myriad of challenges facing young high school graduates including:

  • Cost 
  • Fear of the unknown/failure
  • Uncertainty regarding a major/career path
  • Family commitments

Although these challenges are not all inclusive, they represent the concerns for many young people.  The most promising solution to address these challenges is  relationships.  As students determine their pathway, a positive relationship can be the impetus that is needed to take the next step in building a fulfilling future. Leaving the brick and mortar of campus and actually going on the ‘road’ while engaging with students, their families and the high school creates the relationship needed to address the challenges common in rural areas.

The Road Scholarship program was initiated to provide funding while establishing relationships with area students and their respective high schools to foster interest in attending college at Idaho State University.  Working collaboratively with area high school teachers, counselors, career and college advisors and administrators, we identify deserving capable learners. Students that demonstrate need and an interest in attending Idaho State are considered for the $2,000 Road Scholarship.  The criteria for the scholarship includes grade point average, a short essay from the student outlining the students’ goals and dreams, and financial need.  Through careful planning and coordination with the school and family, a public celebration awarding the scholarship to the awardee is scheduled.  These events often occur at the students home high school, during an assembly, class period or student meeting. The scholarship also requires students to formally apply to Idaho State, which automatically includes consideration for additional financial support through the BOSS scholarship system.

Students in the past have been awarded a Road Scholarship by the president, vice provosts, deans and faculty members from the respective departments, welcoming not only the student but their family and friends as the newest members of the Bengal family. Again, the personal connection or relationship that develops during the relationship is as or even more important than the actual financial support.

In addition to providing valuable financial and emotional support, the program also helps Idaho State develop relationships with local high school teachers, counselors and administrators encouraging students to “Go On”.  Classmates that observe and participate in the often surprise awarding event become excited about their future and about attending Idaho State with their friend. “Go On’ becomes more than a catchy slogan, it is a reality happening to someone they know.  An elementary student observed a high school student receive the scholarship and asked the Vice Provost, “Can I go to ISU and will you bring balloons to me when I graduate?”  The lasting impression and albeit brief relationship made with a 3rd grade student may change the direction of her life, as she now plans to pursue her education after graduation.