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The College of Arts and Letters is committed to our students, faculty, staff and the community.

Each year, we host various events to involve the community and show them what the College is about. These events include summer camps, fundraisers for scholarships, and ways to get our professors into your classrooms. 

Liberal Arts High

The College of Arts and Letters is proud to offer the program Liberal Arts High, where our knowledgeable professors visit your classroom to provide students with a taste of higher education. We look forward to bringing Liberal Arts High to you and your students!

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Gala Grid

New Year's Eve Gala

Join us for our annual New Year's Eve Gala on December 31, 2017. The New Year's Eve Gala is held every year to raise funds for students scholarships and showcase our talented students.

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Road Scholarship Program

The Road Scholarship program started in 2016 when College of Arts and Letters dean Kandi Turley-Ames, wanted to find another way to help combat Idaho's low go-on rate for students continuing on to college after high school. The program allows Turley-Ames to travel to high schools across the state to surprise a student with a scholarship to Idaho State University. 

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Students seated in a classroom watch their instructor teach.

On-Campus Dual-Enrollment

On-campus dual-enrollment is an opportunity for high school students to take courses from Idaho State University professors in a classroom alongside college students for credit. 

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Mountains and water

Live, Learn, Play

Live, Learn, Play highlights the various outdoor activities that are available near Idaho State University's home in Pocatello. The University sits at the foot of the Portneuf and Bannock Mountain ranges and offers students the chance to explore hiking, biking and running trails, kayaking and river rafting, and the various the snowboard and ski options nearby. Come Live, Learn, and Play at Idaho State University! 

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