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College of Arts and Letters Emeritus Faculty


Charles Africa, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages 1984-1995, deceased

James Aho, Professor of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice 1969-2010

Sean Anderson, Professor of Political Science 1993-2018

Donald E. Asboe, Assistant Professor of Speech 1947-1986, deceased

Brian Attebery, Professor of English 1982-2022

Jennifer Attebery, Professor of English 1992-2022           



Carol Bagley, Professor of English 1965-1984, deceased

Martine Beachboard, Associate Professor of Communication 2002-2019

Merrill D. Beal, Professor of History 1947-1966, deceased     

Josephine Berryman, Professor of Music 1938-1972, deceased   

Charles E. "Chick" Bilyeu, Professor of Speech and Drama 1950-1982, deceased    

Frances E. Bliesner, Professor of Theatre 1967-1995, deceased 

Allen Blomquist, Professor of Theatre 1958-1999, deceased     

John Patrick Brooks, Professor of Music; Director of Bands 1991-2021

Coke Brown, Professor of Psychology 1968-1994, deceased

Donald Brown, Professor of Art 1956-1994, deceased

Clifford Bryan, Professor of Criminal Justice 1971-2001, deceased                      

Mary Jane Burns, Associate Professor of Political Science 1975-2006

B. Robert Butler, Associate Professor of Anthropology 1960-1989, deceased



Dante Cantrill, Professor of English and Philosophy 1974-2005

Clark S. Carlile, Professor of Speech 1947-1973, deceased              

Robert Chase, Professor of Speech, deceased              

Alan Christelow, Professor of History 1983-2013

Stephanie Christelow, Professor of History 1990-2015

William Corbin, Associate Professor of Speech 1955-1980, deceased              

Lois Cowles, Professor of Sociology and Social Work 1993-2003



Gail Dial, Professor of Art 1974-2008

Sherri Dienstfrey, Professor of Theatre 1987-2018

Arthur Dolsen, Professor of Languages and Literatures 1983-2009



Randy Earles, Professor of Music 1991-2019

Terry Engebretsen, Associate Professor of English 1988-2014

Linda Enloe, Associate Professor of Psychology 1974-2007

Scott Evans, Professor of Art 1986-2015



Richard (Rick) Foster, Professor of Political Science 1973-2008

Mahmoud H. Fouad, Professor of Economics 1967-1994, deceased

Timothy Frazier, Professor of Mass Communication 1987-2013

Miles Friend, Professor of Art 1976-2006




Wayne Gabardi, Professor of Political Science 1990-2020

W. Marion Gee, Assistant Professor of English 1946-1965, deceased              

Thom Ritter George, Professor of Music 1983-2008

Janne Goldbeck, Professor of English 1976-2006

Audrey Greenwood, Professor of Foreign Languages 1957-1978, deceased                             



Wesley M. Harris, Associate Professor of Music 1947-1977, deceased              

Alan M. Hartman, Professor of Psychology 1963-1997, deceased              

Ronald Hatzenbuehler, Professor of History 1972-2013

Mary Linda Helfant, Associate Professor of Journalism 1948-1964, deceased   

Victor S. Hjelm, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Political Science 1968-2001

Cornelius A. Hofman, Professor of Economics 1960-1997, deceased 

Richard Holmer, Professor of Anthropology 1983-2011

Elizabeth Hoskyn, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages 1957-1966, deceased

Janet House, Professor of Mass Communications 1985-2002

Wilbur Huck, Associate Professor of English 1957-1990, deceased

Daniel Hunt, Associate Professor of Languages 1991-2017

Ann Oakes Hunter, Professor of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice 1991-2013



Wilmer F. Jacob, Professor of English 1947-1971, deceased              

Mary Donna Jensen, Associate Professor of English 1964-1989, deceased              

Victor Joe, Professor of Psychology 1969-2003

Paula Jull, Professor of Communication, Media, and Persuasion 1987-2017



John Kijinski, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of English 1985-2007

Kathleen King, Associate Professor of English 1984-2007

William L. King, Professor of Philosophy 1960-1994, deceased

Leedice Kissane, Professor of English 1938-1970, deceased              

Rudy Kovacs, Professor of Art 1980-2012

Erika Kuhlman, Professor of History 1996-2021



Kathleen Lane, Professor of Music 1998-2023

Carl Levenson, Professor of Philosophy 1981-2016

Sven S. Liljebald, Professor of Social Sciences 1941-1966, deceased

Bruce Loebs, Professor of Communication, Media, and Persuasion 1969-2015, deceased

Christopher Loether, Professor of Anthropology 1989-2020



Bert Marley, Professor of History 1967-1989, deceased

Anthony (Tony) Martin, Professor of Art 1977-2015

LeRoy Matthews, Professor of Psychology 1968-2000

John (Jack) Mauch, Professor of Mass Communication 1971-1999

Ralph Maughan, Professor of Political Science 1971-2007

Sarah McCurry, Senior Lecturer English, 2001-2023

Shanna McGee, Professor of Psychology 1964-1985, deceased

Harold Mealey, Professor of Music 1947-1971, deceased

David R. Missal, Associate Professor of Music; Director of Concert Band 1957-1986, deceased

Tracy Montgomery, Associate Professor of English 1990-2014

Anne Mullin, Associate Professor of English 1990-2000, deceased

Rosemary Myers, Assistant Professor of English 1982-1999


Craig Nickisch, Professor of Foreign Languages 1988-2004

Doug Nilson, Associate Professor of Political Science 1989-2009, deceased



Lorna Obermayr, Associate Professor of Art 1974-1988, deceased

J. B. “Jack” Owens, Professor of History 1975-2011


Pamela Park, Professor of Languages 1985-2015

Cathy Peppers, Senior Lecturer English 1998-2023

Thomas Pfister, Senior Lecturer English 1996-2023

Donald Pierson, Professor of Sociology and Social Work 1985-2010



Lawrence Rice, Professor of English 1956-1994, deceased

Mark Roberts, Professor of Psychology 1977-2015

JoAnn Ruckman, Professor of History 1974-2001, deceased



Tahmoores Sarraf, Professor of Sociology 1972-2001, deceased

H. Wayne Schow, Professor of English 1967-1999

Norman Schroder, Professor of Theatre 1999-2021

LeRoy Shelton, Professor of Foreign Languages 1960-1990, deceased

Cecil Simmons, Professor of Music 1965-1987, deceased                              

Denzell S. Smith, Professor of English 1972-1991

Alan Stanek, Professor of Music 1976-2001

Robert C. Stevenson, Professor of Economics 1929-1962, deceased

Anthony Stocks, Professor of Anthropology 1979-2006

Merwin (Bob) Swanson, Professor of History 1972-2002

Susan Swetnam, Professor of English 1979-2013



Paul Tate, Professor of Philosophy 1976-2006

Michael Trinklein, Professor of Mass Communication 1984-2004

Glen E. Tyler, Professor of History 1955-1974, deceased



Russell Wahl, Professor of Philosophy 1985-2021

Dennis Walsh, Professor of English 1979-2004, deceased

Mary Ellen Walsh, Professor of English 1969-2002, deceased

Douglas Warnock, Professor of Art 1995-2023

Jonathon Westphal, Professor of Philosophy 1990-2011

Waller Wigginton, Professor of English 1961-1994, deceased