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Business Technology Faculty

Duane Rawlings, Instructor Business Technology Program

Duane Rawlings

Program Coordinator, Clinical Instructor

Office: RFC Building Office #262

(208) 282-3190


Professional Work Experience

  • Investment Advisor – 11 years
  • Human Resources Manager – 7 years
  • High School Baseball Coach – 6 years
  • Business Owner – 4 years
  • Adjunct Faculty, Marketing & Management Program – 2 years
  • Career & Employment Retention Specialist – 2 years
  • Instructor, College of Technology BT Program – 4 year

 Career Highlights

  • Started a business with my sister from a simple idea she had one day and have turned it into a growing, thriving venture that now has a presence in 32 states and Puerto Rico
  • Helping students find that “aha” moment to break through what they had previously thought as a barrier and to go on and find success.

 One of My Favorite Professional Experiences…

My favorite experience is anytime a student or athlete comes up to me and thanks me.  Just to know that somehow, however small or big it might have been, I had a positive impact on that person’s life. There is no better feeling, or reward, than simply knowing I had some small part in a person’s success.  I am humbled and grateful every time someone stops to talk to me that I once mentored, taught, or coached.

Lindsay Allen, Instructor, Business Technology program

Lindsay Allen

Clinical Instructor

Office: RFC Building Office #262

(208) 282-3298


Professional Work Experience

  • Office Management – 20 years
  • Executive Assistant – 4 years
  • Operations Assistant – 4 years
  • Technical Assistant – 4 years
  • Instruction Assistant, College of Technology BT Program – 4 years
  • Instructor, College of Technology BT Program – 4 years
  • Certified Ergonomic Specialist – 8 years
  • Certified Administrative Professional – 10 years

Career Highlights

  • Planning, organizing, and traveling to exciting places for company events and meetings in: New York City, NY; San Francisco, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Houston, TX; New Orleans, LA; Houston, TX; and Salt Lake City, UT.
  • As a BT graduate myself, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities and experiences throughout my career, because of the knowledge and skills I gained through the BT Program years ago. Now I have come full circle to teach in the program I graduated from and love.

Favorite Professional Experience

Planning and attending special events that recognize employees for their achievements, has always been one of my favorite roles throughout my administrative career. Seeing the look of elation on their faces at retirement parties or award recognition banquets, when they realize how much they are appreciated, is one of the best experiences in the world to be a part of.