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ASUR Graphic that details the 6 year timeline

ISU’s Administrative and Support Unit Review (ASUR) process is the primary strategic planning structure for Idaho State University’s non-instructional programs and services. All administrative and support units will undertake this process on a rolling five-year schedule as part of ISU’s comprehensive planning and institutional effectiveness model. 

Units will also provide annual progress reports that reflect 1) progress toward established goals, objectives, and performance outcomes, and 2) substantive updates and adjustments to their five-year plan as applicable.

This structure provides a meaningful and efficient strategic planning process for non-academic units by combining planning, program review, program prioritization, and five-year review processes. This construct will serve as the unit’s strategic plan while also satisfying external State Board of Education and NWCCU reporting requirements.

Mission Focus

Unit plans are designed to support and further ISU’s mission

Informed by Inquiry, Data, and Analysis

Unit faculty and staff engage in thoughtful inquiry and analysis supported by relevant internal data, external benchmarks, and best practices.

Possibility Thinking

Units are encouraged to think broadly and expansively about opportunities for collaboration, shared services, restructuring, process improvement, and leveraging technology with a focus on maximizing resources.

Broad-Based Participation and Engagement

Through robust dialogue and engagement, the review process garners the collective best thinking of unit faculty, staff, and stakeholders.

Continuous Quality Improvement

There is ongoing, systematic implementation, review, and adaptation of plans, priorities, and outcomes.

Planning Guides Resource Allocation

Unit plans and priorities drive budget development and resource allocation.

Alignment with State Board of Education and NWCCU Requirements

The process aligns with State Board of Education Program Prioritization Policy III.F and NWCCU Standard I.B: Improving Institutional Effectiveness.

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