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Virtual Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory

Explore the structure and function of the human body with virtual dissection and immersive virtual anatomy technology. Real anatomy is recreated in 3D from CT and MRI scans using specialized software. The Virtual Lab is ideal for single users and small group study. Presentations in the Virtual Lab can accommodate approximately 30 people. A high definition projector and video conferencing is available.


  • Two touch screen Anatomage tables for virtual dissection
  • InVivo 5 Medical Imaging Software with MD Studio for clinical applications
  • Three BodyViz stations that create an immersive 3D experience using an Xbox controller and 3D glasses
  • 3D digitizers and printers

The virtual anatomy tools are useful at all levels of learning, from elementary school through continuing medical education and pre-surgical planning. A large library of pathological conditions, case studies, and non-human vertebrates are available.

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