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Talk to a Current Student

Between getting involved and figuring out who you are, college can be scary. Put those fears to rest by reaching out to one of our current students who you share a common interest with or if you want to tell us about yourself and have one of our student Ambassadors reach out to you fill out this form.

Baylee Biorn

Sports and Exercise Science w/ minor in Sports Management

(208) 273-0675

Cheerleader, Grilled Cheese Club, Career Path Internship for Human Performance and Sports Sciences and Athletics, Weight Lifting, Tumbling, Sports, Hiking, and Crafting.

Dylen Baird

University Studies

(208) 537-5783

Grilled Cheese Club, LDS Institute, On-Campus Student Employee, College Football, Sports, Outdoor Running/Walking, Hiking, Camping, Bird Watching

Kathryn "Katie" Mink

Health Science w/ minor in Healthy Aging


On-Campus Housing, Intramurals, Yoga, Sports, Skiing, Hiking, Cooking, Reading

Michael Lemos

Biology w/ concentration in Biomedical Sciences

(208) 214-3580

On-Campus Housing, Biology Club, Microbiology Club, Chemistry Club, University Honors Program, Cadaver Prosecting, Undergraduate Lab Instructor, Career Path Intern, Developmental Biology/Genetics Research, Summer Research Fellow, Wind Symphony, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Hiking, Music

Olivia Jensen

Radiograpic Sciences

(208) 214-8252

Grilled Cheese Club, LDS Institute council, Art, Baking, Disney!

Steven "Noah" Rutherford

Political Science

(208) 469-6998

Intramurals, Student Worker on Campus, Lived on Campus, Law Club, Honors Program, Skiing, Golfing, Fishing, Watching Sports (Especially Football, Basketball, and Golf)