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How to Get Started

AmeriCorps Member Serving the Community

Are you eager to make a positive impact in your community but unsure where to begin? Have a little time? Have too much time? Have a skill that you need an outlet for? Look no further! Community members and organizations can partner with our organization in a myriad of ways that fit everyone’s skill sets, availability, and values!

  • Sign Up as a Marketing Volunteer:
    • Help us spread the word about events and opportunities in your area by sharing our social media posts, fliers, and telling everyone you can.
    • Start here!
  • Sign up as a Small Task Volunteer:
    • Help us with small tasks that will help us build a better stronger program. These small tasks may include things like:
      • Help us post on our social media accounts.
      • Put together a list of quick facts about veterans, 9/11, and other topics related to upcoming events.
      • Make connections with community partners who would like to participate in one or multiple events.
    • Start here!
  • Sign Up as a Day of Service Volunteer:
    • Volunteer for a single event in your area and pick and choose what skills you want to use as well as how you want to help.
    • Start by checking out the events tab on your left to see what events are going on in your area.
  • Sign up as an Activity-Coordinating Volunteer:
    • Are you retired, a stay-at-home mom, or just someone who wants to put their event coordinating skills to the test? This is the option for you! It’s also great for students and teachers during the summer and it looks great on your resume!
    • Apply here!

Still don’t know where to start? Set up an appointment to talk to program staff today by emailing serviceday@isu.edu.