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Idaho State University

Nominations Being Accepted for Bengal Boss Award

ISU Cares 

Bengal Boss Award


Sponsored by ISU Credit Union


Deadline for submissions:  Friday, December 16, 2016



Nominations are being requested for our 2016 ISU Cares Bengal Boss Award sponsored by ISU Credit Union! This award will recognize an Idaho State University supervisor (full-time faculty or staff) who is an exceptional boss who inspires, guides, and exhibits key characteristics that define them as a great leader. 


Who Can Nominate? Any Idaho State University employee may nominate their supervisor for this award. 


How to Nominate? For consideration, all nominations must be submitted directly to Stacey Marshall at, faxed to 282-4976 or sent to Stop 8107, by Friday, December 16, 2016. To make it easier to submit, use the attached enter-able pdf form when nominating. Please share why you are nominating your supervisor and why he/she should receive the 2016 ISU Cares Bengal Boss Award. Please include any supporting materials (in additional to the one page nomination).


Who Decides the Winner? An ISU Cares Awards committee will evaluate the nominations to decide which one(s) stand out above the rest. One faculty and one staff boss will be recognized for their excellent leadership. We will award the winner for their excellent service in the 2016 ISU Cares Awards assembly to be held in late January. The winners will receive a ISU Jacket and a $100 gift card from the ISU Credit Union. A big thanks to them for their support of the ISU Cares program!


Please contact Stacey Marshall at 282-3081 or for questions or comments.

To see more about our past winners visit ISU Cares Winners.  To recognize someone for their excellent service, or to let us know if our service has been less than stellar, please visit ISU Cares Survey