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Idaho State University Signs New MoU with Gachon University in South Korea

April 11, 2024

Left, Amir Ali, associate professor of nuclear engineering at Idaho State University, looks on as Marty Blair, vice president for research and economic development, signs a memorandum of understanding between ISU and Gachon University in South Korea.

Under a new agreement, Idaho State University students and faculty will cooperate with their colleagues on the Korean peninsula

Recently, representatives from ISU and Gachon University in South Korea signed a five-year memorandum of understanding. Under the informal agreement, the two universities will exchange faculty and students, organize joint research programs and conferences, and more. 

"ISU looks forward to sharing our expertise while learning from others and we appreciate our new partners in this pursuit of new knowledge," said Martin Blair, vice president for research and economic development at Idaho State University. “This MoU with Gachon University is a tremendous opportunity for students with different educational and cultural backgrounds to answer similar research questions from different perspectives.” 

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our institutions’ commitment to fostering academic exchange and research cooperation,” said Jongsung Kim, dean of the engineering school at Gachon University. “Let us seize this opportunity to strengthen our academic ties, promote cultural exchange, and advance knowledge across borders.”

One project already in the works will delve into advanced nuclear reactor concepts at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies in Idaho Falls. Working with Amir Ali, an associate professor of nuclear engineering at ISU and innovation laboratory lead at CAES, students from Gachon University will focus on nuclear thermal hydraulics and how energy is transferred in liquids inside a nuclear reactor, as well as how the transfer interacts with the reactor’s structure. 

“Gachon University's thermal hydraulics team faculty members and students share a similar research portfolio to the one I am leading at ISU and CAES,” said Ali. “Hosting the students from Gachon to work closely with my graduate students will be an excellent experience. I am excited about the program and the potential extended collaboration with my counterparts at Gachon University.”

Earlier this year, ISU announced the signing of similar  MoUs with Australian University (AU) in Kuwait and the University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) located in Qatar. 

“Ultimately, ISU aims to pursue knowledge and discovery in ways that improve the human condition. Our Bengal responsibility is to Idaho first and foremost, but it also extends to the global community,” Blair said. “The modern world poses complex challenges and requires broader solutions. That is why we seek smart and trustworthy partners. While we have much to learn, we have even more to share." 

For more information on Idaho State University and Gachon University, visit isu.edu and gachon.ac.kr/sites/eng/index.do


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