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Policy Updates

January 10, 2022

Policies with proposed changes are sent out periodically in ISU Today for faculty and staff comment. Current policies out for 30-day review can be found at the policy website. To submit feedback you may email policies@isu.edu or submit anonymously on the policy website

Open for 30 day Comment:

ISUPP 11000 Space Allocation

This is a new policy which establishes the decision-making authority and coordination process for planning and allocating Idaho State University space. Space is a limited resource and requires a consistent and strategic approach to optimize its use. University space will be allocated in a manner that best advances the University mission and priorities. Some points of interest are:

  • Unit Responsibility: Units are responsible for ensuring the proper and safe use of space that has been allocated for their use.



  • Reallocation of Space: The University may reallocate space historically managed by individual Units to better align space allocations with changing University needs and priorities.  


    • New Hires: When a new employee is hired, a new position is requested, or a proposed grant specifies facility updates, a requesting department should notify Facilities Services at the earliest possible date to provide ample time to prepare space prior to the employee’s arrival or the launching of grant activities. 
  • Expires:  February 10, 2022


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