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Policy Update- Contract Approval and Execution

March 28, 2022

Policies with proposed changes are sent out periodically in ISU Today for faculty and staff comment. Current policies out for 30-day review can be found at the policy website. To submit feedback you may email policies@isu.edu or submit anonymously on the policy website

Approved Policy Revisions



    • The Contract Approval and Execution policy has undergone extensive revision—essentially a complete rewrite. The goal was to ensure ISU’s process for contract approval and execution is legally sound, as well as efficiently and consistently applied. The revisions also address signature authority—detailing University officials authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University and the process for delegating signature authority.
    • This policy has undergone a name change and an ISUPP policy number change.  Currently, ISUPP 10500 Contract Administration, will shift to ISUPP 1060 Contract Approval and Execution.  The ISUPP renumbering will bring the policy into alignment with its current location in the Governance/Legal policy section.
    • 30-Day Review period expires April 28, 2022


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